Cloud at Microsoft (SME Roundtable October 2016)

Play Cloud at Microsoft (SME Roundtable October 2016)


IT Showcase brought together subject matter experts from our Cloud at Microsoft course to answer questions about how Microsoft IT designs, develops, implements, and monitors cloud solutions at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss cloud security, choosing between software as a service and platform as a service, Azure, the Internet of Things, and trends in cloud adoption. 

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session: 

  • [2:52] What is Microsoft doing to ensure you are secure in the cloud? 
  • [9:02] What kinds of things do we look at for instrumentation for our apps? 
  • [11:41] What are you monitoring? 
  • [17:41] How do you decide when to use SaaS versus PaaS? 
  • [33:40] How does Microsoft IT maintain compliance and pass audits with Office 365 offerings? 
  • [36:38] What major trends do you see from Microsoft's cloud adoption?  
  • [42:34] Talking about Internet of Things scenarios, how does Azure help with those scenarios? 
  • [46:27] How did we at Microsoft get people to adopt the cloud?  
  • [52:24] What is the one tip you would like to leave our audience with today? 

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