Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft (IT Expert roundtable April 2017)

Play Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft (IT Expert roundtable April 2017)


IT Showcase brought together IT experts from our Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft course to answer your questions about how Microsoft IT designs, deploys, and supports mobility at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss personal devices on the corporate network, Intune, mobile device management, Azure Active Directory, hybrid environments, Microsoft Teams, securing corporate resources, managing apps for Android and iOS devices, and much more.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [2:33] How do you manage access to corporate resources from personal devices?
  • [5:19] What are the advantages of connecting devices to Azure Active Directory?
  • [8:10] How do you change from old parameter-based security approaches and culprit IT security to the new reality that parameters don’t exist in enterprise mobility?
  • [15:36] What costs do you incur to get the desired results from your service compared to on-premises hosting?
  • [19:52] How do you manage enterprise mobility in your diverse hybrid environment?
  • [24:59] How do you manage apps for Android and for iOS?
  • [26:13] How do we protect Wi-Fi and VPN access from unmanaged devices?
  • [28:26] How has Microsoft Teams improved mobility at Microsoft?
  • [34:26] How do we prevent vulnerable platforms from connecting to Microsoft corporate resources?
  • [40:26] Is there enterprise mobility functionality that is easy to implement and that provides high impact?
  • [43:31] How do you manage your global ecosystem of personal and corporate devices with Intune mobile device management?
  • [51:30] What is the one key takeaway you would like to leave with people today?

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