IT Expert Roundtable: SharePoint at Microsoft (November 2017)

Play IT Expert Roundtable: SharePoint at Microsoft (November 2017)


SharePoint experts from Microsoft discuss topics ranging from setting up sites—communication sites, hub sites, and site design templates—to regional performance issues, security issues, multi-geo capabilities, and search. You’ll learn about content and apps for sites, PowerApps, moving to the cloud, and more. They share candid insights and best practices about how we manage SharePoint at Microsoft.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [02:28] What have been the challenges and benefits around the release of communication sites?
  • [07:10] Assuming that all of Microsoft date is stored in one data center in the US, do your regional users have performance issues? If they don't, how do you manage that?
  • [10:34] Do we have now the much requested multi-geo capability in our enterprise?
  • [15:45] What are the most exciting things coming to the search experience?
  • [19:47] Depending on whether you're in a 100% cloud environment or a hybrid environment, is the search experience the same or different?
  • [20:57] At Ignite, it sounded like that Microsoft was moving away from subsites. If that's true, how are you managing that internally?
  • [26:16] What's the difference between Teams, today's team, and the old, team site?
  • [27:43] How does SharePoint Online security stack up, to SharePoint on prem?
  • [30:04] Are you going to be able to search across multiple hub sites?
  • [32:01] Is the content on your portal, limited to what, your team creates, or can you include additional, SharePoint online content, for your users?
  • [37:55] From an Enterprise tenant administration perspective, is there any vetting of the PowerApps and things that are in the gallery; stamp of approval or things like that?
  • [38:54] Do users still call help desk at Microsoft and how do you resolve Office 365 issues?
  • [44:17] What are the options for targeting content through search?
  • [47:16] How long did it take for Microsoft to move to the cloud and at what rate were we able to move to the cloud?
  • [55:28] What is the one key takeaway that you would like to leave our audience with today?

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