IT Expert Roundtable: Skype for Business at Microsoft (October 2017)

Play IT Expert Roundtable: Skype for Business at Microsoft (October 2017)


Skype for Business experts from Microsoft discuss client version control, problem management and incident resolution, collaboration with Microsoft Teams, tools for monitoring service availability and quality, network infrastructure issues and call quality, spoofed calls, business continuity and disaster recovery—and more. They share candid insights and best practices about how we manage and support Skype for Business at Microsoft.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [02:00] How does Microsoft centrally manage phone devices?
  • [03:16] How does Microsoft handle client version control?
  • [04:22] What is the problem management process for Skype for Business at Microsoft?
  • [06:12] Is it possible to get an inventory of all the phones and headsets with models and serial numbers?
  • [08:34] Is it correct to say CCE colocation with Skype for Business on-premises server with Office 365/ Teams will be supported with Skype for Business 2019 and not with Skype for Business 2015?
  • [10:59] How can we get started with Teams to get experience with it before we introduce it to the whole organization?
  • [20:02] How can we monitor SLA service availability for Skype for Business on a day-to-day basis? What’s the best tool to monitor the different modules, services, databases, and URL services?
  • [23:42] How does Microsoft use Teams and does Teams displace Yammer or even email?
  • [29:17] What kind of networking infrastructure issues can cause issues with Skype for Business audio and video quality?
  • [43:50] How does Microsoft investigate and prevent spoofed calls?
  • [46:31] How do you manage Team sprawl?
  • [48:52] How does business continuity and disaster recovery differ between on-premises and cloud deployment?
  • [50:46] What is the one key takeaway that you would like to leave our audience with today?

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