Managing the Microsoft network (SME Roundtable October 2016)

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IT Showcase brought together subject matter experts to answer questions about how Microsoft IT designs, implements, manages, and supports the network at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss Microsoft Azure, hybrid environments, network security, multifactor authentication, network traffic, virtual networks, and much more.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [2:31] How many sites or locations does Microsoft IT support, what happens at the sites, and how are they connected to the network?
  • [4:30] How many Azure subscriptions does Microsoft IT manage?
  • [5:27] What's the best way to set up a hybrid environment where you're looking for a very secure situation for something like finance?
  • [7:50] What information can you provide about your ticketing system?
  • [9:39] What are some of the benefits of managing cloud migrations internally versus outsourcing that effort?
  • [13:24] Has cloud adoption caused significant changes in traffic patterns on the Microsoft network?
  • [16:44] How does Microsoft IT configure virtual networks within subscriptions?
  • [18:14] How has the combination of DevOps and the cloud changed the approach to network security at Microsoft?
  • [22:07] What have you done to ensure your cloud migration team is managing costs effectively?
  • [24:36] Is there a new thing that you're excited to see in the network security space?
  • [29:21] How do you ensure multifactor authentication using MIM for legacy applications? (So that IE applications cannot be accessed by the browser.)
  • [31:24] How do you see how network topologies changing or evolving in the next 24 months?
  • [36:48] As more and more services are moving to the Internet, do you see shift from traditional MPLS to SD WAN-based solutions?
  • [37:46] Are hybrid application architectures changing?
  • [44:01] With all of our devices being Wi-Fi enabled, how do we optimize the user's Wi-Fi experience with the latest hardware and Windows OS?
  • [47:22] Have we got a wireless network that can support continued growth?
  • [49:00] How does Microsoft control device access to a network and do you support user-owned devices?
  • [51:02] What do we use ExpressRoute for and how is it configured?
  • [53:44] Each of you have worked with the network here at Microsoft for quite some time. What is one key takeaway that you’d like to have our customers leave with today?


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