Cloud at Microsoft (SME roundtable March 2016)

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IT Showcase brought together subject matter experts from our Cloud at Microsoft course to answer questions about how Microsoft IT designs, develops, implements, monitors, and supports cloud solutions at Microsoft. In this session, our experts share insights and best practices developed by Microsoft IT for moving to the cloud.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [3:08] What do you see as a key focus for Microsoft Cloud adoption going forward?
  • [4:31] How can Azure help us enable new consumers of these (web) services?
  • [7:10] What are some of the engineering principles you use as you move from on-prem to the cloud?
  • [9:59] What are some specific challenges your team has faced leveraging Azure PaaS?
  • [13:42] What do you see for corporate connectivity going forward?
  • [16:16] How has Microsoft’s culture changed and what do you see as needed going forward?
  • [21:09] How does the cloud enable you to deliver value faster, and with quality?
  • [24:14] Do you know which features of your application are used the most?
  • [29:46] How do I secure my service and data tiers from the open Internet in Azure?
  • [33:06] What is the best way to move a SQL database to the cloud?
  • [36:23] How did your team handle security around HBI, SOX, and sensitive information in the cloud?
  • [46:45] How has the transition of job roles, especially DevOps, been in the move to the cloud?

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