Microsoft OneDrive for Business: Basics and beyond

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Move to the cloud with OneDrive for Business! We show you how to get started with OneDrive for Business, including how to store, share, and access documents securely. A cloud-based document library, OneDrive for Business integrates with Office so you can organize all your work in one place. Learn how to sync your devices to your library and access your documents from anywhere, on any device.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

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The Discussion

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    I believe you mean 'name,' not "document title," in the "Problems Syncing" slide. The default Title column requires simple text, and allows special characters. It should be a user-friendly word or set of words representing the subject and purpose of file. (It's unfortunate that Microsoft chooses to use the word "name" in SharePoint/OD4B for what should be called "file name." It has introduced significant confusion between name title -- 'file name' would be clearer.)

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    At 16:46, you say that it's "generally better to share" than to email. Why do you recommend that? In my experience, it's better to share a folder and its contents, rather than assign granular permissions to a file, because it's easier to manage higher-level permissions. Often, end users are flummoxed by permissions, and are more flummoxed the deeper those permissions get assigned. For that reason, I normally recommend users create a top-level folder that's shared with everyone (or everyone except external users), then place most files in it and share them with email links. When a user needs to share files that should not have everyone access--normally a much smaller subset of files, at least in large organizations--I recommend your advice: Sharing at the file-level (and then keeping track of what's been shared and turning it off once sharing's no longer needed). Your thoughts?

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    Great overview. I will be recommending this to our employees. Thank you!!!

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