Microsoft OneNote: Basics and beyond (productivity demo)

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See Microsoft OneNote in action! Brian Moring, productivity trainer with Microsoft IT Showcase, demonstrates how to use OneNote for collaboration and increased productivity. Find out how to create a OneNote notebook, manage your task list and action items, and share notes in meetings. See how OneNote integrates with other Office apps, and learn how to access OneNote from your Windows, iOS, or Android device. Brian answers questions about best practices for using OneNote.

This information — and more — is discussed during this session:

  • [2:42] Create a OneNote notebook
  • [5:21] Organizing your notebook
  • [10:41] Search and tag action items
  • [17:30] Integrate with Office suite
  • [30:29] Store security to OneDrive
  • [33:47] Access from any device

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    i have the surface pro but i cannot write with my stylus with my hand down on the surface of the device. How do i solve this problem?

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