Modern IT Innovation: Case Study and Practices for Reimagining Experiences Using the Latest Trends

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    I'm kind of curious about UI design in the demo at the end with the large (80") screen. I'm curious why (and it isn't just you) people use these huge displays but then just scale up all the UI. For example the keyboard and number pad are so large as to be nearly unusable: it is forcing the user to hunt and peck rather than be able to type. A better paradigm IMHO would be to have the keyboard only slightly larger than you'd get on a tablet (say desktop sized) and use the location the user typed last to locate the controls near them rather than having them shuffle over a couple steps to get to the controls which at best is awkward but at worse they need to move other people out of their way to do so.

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    Pankaj Arora

    Madscientist - Thanks for your observation and feedback. The keyboard and number pad are standard OS-invoked elements, and I totally get your point around usability when scaling on a device that size. I will do a little more research on this and share your feedback and suggestion internally with the appropriate teams. Thanks!

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