Securing the modern enterprise with Windows Defender and Windows Defender ATP

Play Securing the modern enterprise with Windows Defender and Windows Defender ATP


Learn how Microsoft IT helps protect and secure our enterprise network against malware and advanced attacks. Brian Hooper, Senior Security Engineer in Microsoft IT, and Daryl Pecelj, Senior Security Architect in Microsoft IT, discuss Windows Defender and how we use Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to monitor the network for anomalous behavior that may indicate possible malicious attacks or breaches. They answer questions from participants about best practices.

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The Discussion

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    Albert J

    I have read some posts like the following where people are showing how to disable windows defender because many people have complaint on forum regarding the bug in windows defender in the new windows 10 os.

    Now you are going to discuss about Windows Defender again, is it worth it?

    Is Windows Defender still working?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Albert J

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    Company is using legit material for fraud and home break ins they have real time criminals working for them

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