SharePoint at Microsoft (SME Roundtable September 2016)

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IT Showcase brought together subject matter experts from our SharePoint at Microsoft course to answer questions about how Microsoft IT designs, develops, implements, governs, upgrades, and supports SharePoint at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss Microsoft Azure, SharePoint governance, permissions, site archival and auditing, and much more.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [2:35] What new things can we expect from Azure that we plan to leverage?
  • [3:58] How do we make sure that everyone at Microsoft can access SharePoint Online from their first day?
  • [4:52] What technologies did we use for licensing?
  • [5:31] How do you make sure that unused sites are removed to keep them from getting too big or stale?
  • [8:22] Can you explain how Office 365 root permissions and SharePoint site permissions will interact once sites are automatically created for an Office 365 group? Will they be managed separately or together?
  • [9:48] If you have critical workflow applications that use email, how do you ensure that no workflow is in an error state too long, and that the customer knows what to do about it?
  • [11:59] How do you handle change management for new features that are coming out rapidly, and how do you inform employees of those changes?
  • [14:07] How are you controlling the approval process for the new Office 365 groups and team sites?
  • [16:14] What is the best practice for SharePoint app developers to properly test their apps on SharePoint Online, focusing specifically on performance and load testing?
  • [19:17] Do we have critical apps in SharePoint that require the business logic to be monitored? What do you advise if a customer requests such monitoring?
  • [21:09] What is our current online vs. on-premises mix?
  • [22:05] When a site expires, where do you archive sites and how?
  • [24:15] Have you ever considered implementing a workflow event receiver that would forward the exception stack trace to an administrator?
  • [26:05] How can you access unified logging service (ULS) on Office 365?
  • [31:49] Is SharePoint designer currently supported? If not, what technology is replacing it?
  • [33:35] Is there something coming for admins to give them a complete overview of permissions across the various site collections?
  • [36:49] Will we have an admin center for Office groups when they are released? Will PowerShell cmdlets be updated to assist the administrators with managing Office 365 Groups and team sites?
  • [38:38] Is there a plan to provide detailed logs for SharePoint Online similar to ULS logs?
  • [39:28] How easy will it be to roll back from online back to on-premises?
  • [41:36] Do we have any recommendations to securely manage our clients’ and employees’ multiple domains on a single tenant, or is it possible?
  • [43:03] Is site archiving something we need to configure, or is it a built-in feature?
  • [44:15] Are you using the site collection closure delete policy or an external workflow?
  • [44:31] If the site collection owner e-mail address no longer exists and bounces back, do you call the organization to update the owner?
  • [46:08] Do you still use things like InfoPath performs applications or codes csr en masse?
  • [47:37] For SharePoint API, SCOM, and JSON versus REST, what does Microsoft prefer?
  • [50:18] What’s our best practice for displaying over 5,000 items in a list? Do you increase the limit or break into separate lists?
  • [50:54] What’s the best codebase to develop Azure-hosted apps that will be scalable?
  • [52:59] Do we use Yammer or Office 365 groups?
  • [54:20] Regarding forums, for those of us not proficient in JavaScript, should we be learning power apps?
  • [55:59] What’s the one key takeaway that each of our SMEs would like our customers to leave with today?
  • [58:21]  How do you handle security maintenance in SharePoint for onboarding new people and mapping them to permissions that they need? Is this centralized via IT or trusted to the business?
  • [1:00:35] How do you create dynamic digital forms when InfoPath is not an option anymore?
  • [1:01:48] Will sharing documents and sharing sites with external users continue?
  • [1:02:51] Will provider-hosted apps running on SharePoint Online get the permissions necessary to access Azure Active Directory Groups?
  • [1:04:13] A lot of our sandbox solutions crashed recently. What is the stop-gap that can buy us some time?
  • [1:04:58] Do you maintain metadata about your sites and collections outside of SharePoint to drive governance? Does your AutoSites tool have its own database for example?
  • [1:05:27] With the deployment of Office 365 groups and team sites have stopped using AutoSites workflow?
  • [1:06:26] How are you governing or expiring Office 365 groups and teams?
  • [1:07:40] How can you change data in a database column for over a thousand entries?
  • [1:08:26] Has the list look-up limit been updated from 12 to a higher number in SharePoint 2016? If so, what is it and what happens if we change the number in SharePoint 2013?

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