SharePoint at Microsoft (SME roundtable December 2016)

Play SharePoint at Microsoft (SME roundtable December 2016)


IT Showcase brought together subject matter experts from our SharePoint at Microsoft course to answer questions about how Microsoft IT designs, develops, implements, governs, upgrades, and supports SharePoint at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss modern team sites, governance, compliance, user adoption and training, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and much more.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [2:51] How is Microsoft IT working with users to adopt the new modern team sites and pages?
  • [4:24] If we already had a team SharePoint and we set up a new team site, do we have to rebuild everything?
  • [9:56] How do you evangelize team sites technology?
  • [13:19] How has governance changed with the availability of Groups in modern sites?
  • [14:45] As a public agency, we have to monitor sites for compliance. How does self-service site collection with group creation add to the complexity of monitoring security policies and records retention?
  • [17:55] How is Microsoft IT managing the environments for PowerApps and Flow?
  • [22:23] Do you have a team that educates the rest of Microsoft to use all of the new tools? How do you handle adoption?
  • [24:04] Do you still also have on-premises SharePoint?
  • [27:28] What is the plan for publishing sites using publishing infrastructure within the new modern experience?
  • [29:42] Are the current classic SharePoint sites going the way of the dodo and going to be just Microsoft team sites instead?
  • [34:10] Is there a way to show the new doc libraries on the main page as a Web Part?
  • [36:50] How and when will we be able to utilize the SharePoint framework within the Microsoft SharePoint Online environment?
  • [38:11] Any plans to allow sharing of folders without requiring sign-in in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business?
  • [38:32] I can share five files in a folder separately without requiring sign-in. Why can't I just share the whole folder without requiring sign-in?
  • [41:24] Would you say that a migration took place from the on-premises to the online version? Or was it more of a redesigning the whole way the organization works with content management?
  • [45:39] What is typically the percentage of early adopters in the organization for new features?
  • [56:47] If you watch to see what happens with PowerApps and Flow, do you have a “plan B” if it fails?
  • [59:44] Can we have a link to the adoption guides? I'm not finding it easily on the site.
  • [1:00:44] Where can I find more information about running reports against lists that we've built within Office 365 for on-premises or even the Azure model that was just discussed?
  • [1:02:33] How have you, at Microsoft, guided your business people to use the right collaboration tool? Will Microsoft be creating any guidance for enterprises to move from a multi–Web App, on-premises environment, as described, to Office 365?
  • [1:06:24] Do we do anything with site templates internally so that orgs or teams can have a consistent look and feel?
  • [1:08:53] Will there be any new releases for SharePoint 2016, or is the focus solely on SharePoint Online moving forward?
  • [1:09:57] How about non-digital records management in the online version?

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