Shifting responsibilities in Exchange service management after migrating to Exchange Online

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With the transition to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft IT migrated mailboxes from on-premises Exchange servers to Exchange Online. This shift changed responsibilities for the Exchange service management team, releasing the team from server maintenance tasks such as applying patches or defining server policies. Andrew Kim, IT Service Manager for the Exchange email and calendaring service, shares how the team refocused roles to improve the end-to-end service experience across client devices and applications.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [3:03] Shift in control and responsibilities
  • [4:57] Example of end-to-end experience
  • [7:04] Specific things to consider to help understand the end-to-end experience
  • [9:38] Protocols that let applications and devices access Exchange
  • [10:27] Validating and enabling features
  • [11:33] Methodologies used to determine what features are enabled for users
  • [15:21] Team roles
  • [22:10] SCRUM process flow example
  • [22:56] Metrics
  • [27:43] Developing a useful toolset
  • [29:40] Example of key report used for the service
  • [31:55] Benefits
  • [34:11] Biggest challenge faced during migration to Office 365

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