Skype for Business at Microsoft (SME roundtable September 2016)

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IT Showcase brings together subject matter experts from our Skype for Business at Microsoft course to answer your questions about how Microsoft IT implements, maintains, and supports Skype for Business at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss hybrid deployment, user sentiment, video features, connection issues, user provisioning, and much more.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [2:42] What's next for Skype for Business and the hybrid deployment?
  • [3:57] How does Microsoft IT measure user sentiment for Skype for Business?
  • [6:40] Do we track Sentiment Analysis on social channels?
  • [7:12] How does Microsoft manage least-cost routing?
  • [8:43] Is there a way to disable video for Skype for Business but allow messaging?
  • [9:22] Is it better to hard-code your IP addresses when federating with Microsoft?
  • [10:20] It's impossible to capture logs in real-time calls from front-end servers. How do you monitor or troubleshoot real-time calls?
  • [12:44] Can I search or talk with my Skype Consumer contacts?
  • [13:50] What are some improvement areas in the Skype Get to Green service improvement?
  • [18:17] How do you handle the external factors, such as users using their phone or home network connection? For example, when end users have issues in this area, will they still blame the Skype service experience?
  • [25:11] How stable is your iOS client for Skype for Business?
  • [25:18] What happens when our partners or our customers have an issue?
  • [26:54] Are all of your users based on-premises, in-cloud, or in-hybrid mode?
  • [27:00] How many front-end servers and locations do you currently have deployed?
  • [31:58] If policies can be changed on the server side to turn off video or throttle video, which server would the changes need to be made on?
  • [37:19] Is it possible to bulk import regular Skype contacts into Skype for Business?
  • [39:34] Do you have mandatory training for Skype before you issue accounts?
  • [44:44] How do you provision the users to be on the best suitable Skype pool geographically? What does the user provisioning process look like?
  • [48:25] Is there a reason the SMTP and CIP address differ for a Microsoft employee account?
  • [50:25] What is the one tip from your specific area that each of you would like our customers to leave with today?
  • [59:08] Do you have split tunnel internally and how did you accomplish that?

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