Windows 10 Deployment: tips and tricks from Microsoft IT

Play Windows 10 Deployment: tips and tricks from Microsoft IT


At Microsoft today, we think of Windows as a service. Cloud-powered Windows Analytics have streamlined the upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update for our employees around the world. Our experts share lessons learned and best practices for application compatibility testing, upgrading, readiness, and adopting Windows Hello and Always-On VPN connection.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

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The Discussion

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    Hans Wurst

    Isn't it a Lenovo ThinkPad Keyboard on this title picture or which Microsoft model is it?

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    How to temporarily point devices to wu for dynamic updates? I am using SCCM 1702 and the built in Upgrade OS task. it will not allow for both ignorecompatwarnings and dynamic updates

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    @Hans Wurst Hi Hans, yep, it is a Lenovo pictured in the title slide. You can click here for a complete list of partner devices which run Windows 10. Please let us know if you have further questions!

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    Olyn Cates

    Ah, a Lenovo computer shown here. How thoughtful as we buy american and hire american. Chinese computers is ....

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    Can you share the task sequence you are using to perform the upgrade? Looks like a good one to use as a template.

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    Alain Sylvestre

    @Olyn Cates. All computer are design in US but made in Chinese. Apple, etc. If they were buid in US the cost will be very high and very poor quality because in US like car they are poor quality.

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