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    Hong PK

    Well, very very helpful demo especially Filter function.
    I have created fee educational apps and will upload to store for sharing. Hope will promote teacher to create more.

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    Do I need to look into using a different program if I need to use an API from GitHub?  Is there an easy way to do that, if needed?  Like how in Blend, I can always open up my work in VS.

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    Constraining the images to be contained in an image library seems quite a limitation.
    Personal Libraries lock you into a single User.
    Public Libraries solve that issue but are limited to a single drive. Often the C Drive, often quite full.
    Much more flexible to have an option to point to any file location. That way I could access images from a large cheap external USB drive or fileserver.

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    We live only 200kms as the crow flies in Padthaway SA , we are apalled at the transmission of your channel, I have been watching you channel for about 30 years , why the hell cant we get it in 2014, please explain
    you have my email address please reply we are not happy here in the south east of SA

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    Thank You for this informative and informational video.


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    WHat if you want to use the MFR to link to a listbox just text with columns and rows, and how would you make a listbox with columns and rows?

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    Keep the tutorials coming! 

    I particularly like to this one. Can you do a follow up on this one on how to add an update feature? I would like to know how to push an update as well as be able to check for update. 

    Thanks again.

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    Excellent tutorial - cheers!

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