Getting Started: Siena 101

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Build your first Project Siena app in under 10 minutes while learning the basic framework of working with Project Siena.

  • Create Excel tables with images and bring them into Project Siena

  • Visualize your tables using gallery controls

  • Perform simple filters on your tables

To get files to build what you see in this video, click here.

Want more? Check out the rest of the Microsoft Project Siena tutorials and demos on our website.



The Discussion

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    Hong PK

    Well, very very helpful demo especially Filter function.
    I have created fee educational apps and will upload to store for sharing. Hope will promote teacher to create more.

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    Do I need to look into using a different program if I need to use an API from GitHub?  Is there an easy way to do that, if needed?  Like how in Blend, I can always open up my work in VS.

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    Constraining the images to be contained in an image library seems quite a limitation.
    Personal Libraries lock you into a single User.
    Public Libraries solve that issue but are limited to a single drive. Often the C Drive, often quite full.
    Much more flexible to have an option to point to any file location. That way I could access images from a large cheap external USB drive or fileserver.

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    We live only 200kms as the crow flies in Padthaway SA , we are apalled at the transmission of your channel, I have been watching you channel for about 30 years , why the hell cant we get it in 2014, please explain
    you have my email address please reply we are not happy here in the south east of SA

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    Thank You for this informative and informational video.


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    WHat if you want to use the MFR to link to a listbox just text with columns and rows, and how would you make a listbox with columns and rows?

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    Keep the tutorials coming! 

    I particularly like to this one. Can you do a follow up on this one on how to add an update feature? I would like to know how to push an update as well as be able to check for update. 

    Thanks again.

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    Excellent tutorial - cheers!

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