Tutorial: Build Adventure Works

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Learn how to build this Project Siena app for an interactive display at a sporting goods store.

Select a sport on the first screen to launch a video about that sport. As products appear in the video, information about the items shows up on top of the video.

To get files to build what you see in this video, click here.

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The Discussion

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    Thanks enjoyed watching the clip. I am 65 y.o. man, and like knowing a little about where this area of tech is headed. Thanks again

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    What does the ShowTime do?

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    ShowTime tells us when in the videos the various products show up. For instance, in the rock climbing video, you don't see the rope until the 5 second mark. The ShowTime column in our Excel sheets specifies that, so the app then knows to only show the information about the rope once we've seen it in the video, 5 seconds in. 

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    Siena doesn't show images from example Adventure Works. The folder SienaAssets it placed in Public Pictures. Can the issue depends on permissions?

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