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Learn how to build this Project Siena app for browsing Windows 8 devices.

View and filter available Windows 8 devices by type and manufacturer. Save and compare devices. Estimate total costs, and take handwritten notes.

Files to build this app are coming soon.

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The Discussion

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    Excellent Work!  The tutorial is very easy to follow and you can have an app working in front of your clients in just 10 minutes.

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    Excellent. Thank You.

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    Is it possible to make a search bar and find Screens?


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    Wanna See

    The controls for the video are blocking the view of the bottom part of the screen and I can't see what the options are and what is being clicked.

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    Wanna See

    Duh, if I move my mouse pointer away from the video area I can see it fine.

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    Rick Henderson

    This was posted in February and there are still no sample files?

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    Rick Henderson

    So this video should really be titled Siena 102, because Siena 101 was the video that contained the assets.

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    Great Video - Love Siena!

    Two questions:

    1. How does the app refresh the Excel data if you need to update say the pricing in your example spreadsheet?

    2. How will you deploy the source excel files with your app to any PC client, surely the path and location will differ?

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    Your video is great! Where can we find a Siena's reference guide? Is it yet available?

    I would like to format a number using Italian currency setting (1.000,00 €) how can I do?
    Is there a way to use client base setting, like the method Format(myNr, "c"), or using something like {0,c} ?

    Thank you!

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    How to put image into cell in excel worksheet?

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