Tutorial: Connecting to Office365

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    It's really awesome and an efficient way to make things easy and less hectic. It will help me alot and i can avoid situations like vigorously searching in my mail-box for sending updates about the periodic meetings.

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    Ian Cook

    Discovered and downloaded the Siena app today and wanted to replicate your work above. However, when I connect to Office 365, while it looks like access has been granted, the new control has a ! in a yellow triangle display.

    This has happened on both the calendar control and the Inbox control. While I cannot determine what the error is the calendar control (mouse over does not work), I assume the cause is the same for Inbox which says "The service returned an error Office365!ChildFolders: The resource owner or authorisation server denied the request."

    More specifically, it seems to relate more specifically to the dropdown box adjacent to the filter input field and data definition refers to "Office365!ChildFolders("RootFolder")!items".

    The error sign on the calendar control is adjacent the first date box in the Mon-Sun gallery and the data definition refers to "Sort(Office365!Calendar(Text(Gallery7!Selected!Value+Today(),"UTC"), Text(Gallery7!Selected!Value+1+Today(),"UTC"))!items, Start)"

    I cannot see anything in my O365 profile with respect to permission that could be causing the problem. Pls advise.

    PS I am a business user with a semi-technical background and not a developer as such. :-)

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