From QoS to QoE: Towards Experience-Centric Evaluations of Tele – Immersive Environments

Play From QoS to QoE: Towards Experience-Centric Evaluations of Tele – Immersive Environments
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We are seeing a rapid growth of tele-immersive environments over the last decade with applications ranging from health care, training to entertainment. Despite their intensity of user-involved interactions, many of the existing evaluation frameworks remain mostly system-centric, utilizing Quality of Service (QoS) evaluation metrics. Over the last few years we are also seeing intensified efforts towards experience-centric approaches, utilizing Quality of Experience (QoE) evaluation metrics. These efforts are moving in the right direction of understanding evaluations of tele-immersive environments from the experiential point of view. However, the journey towards experience-centric evaluation of tele-immersive environments is very challenging due to (a) multi-modal media in tele-immersive environments, (b) multitude of underlying end-to-end networking and computational technologies, and (c) diverse human activities conducted and experienced in these immersive spaces.
In this talk we discuss the challenges of evaluating experiential tele-immersive environments, including the diverse concepts of tele-immersive system services and mediated human experiences, needed transformations from system-centric to experience-centric evaluation frameworks, and the dependence on activities that we experience in tele-immersive spaces. Based on selected tele-immersive systems in the multimedia community, we present promising findings to sketch next steps towards future evaluation frameworks of experiential tele-immersive environments.





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