Inspector: Inspection Software and Microsoft Azure

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Conor Hyland, Product Manager at IMEC Technologies joins Keith Mayer in this “Cloud Solution Innovators” edition as they discuss Inspector, a data collection software solution that can help your organization easily perform your field inspections. inspector

  • [1:24] Can you tell us a bit about IMEC Technologies and what solutions you deliver?
  • [2:02] What does Inspector do and how does it leverage Microsoft Azure?
  • [4:22] DEMO: Inspector walk through and demo

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About Inspector

Inspector is an easy-to-use mobile and web based inspection software system that helps you manage your inspections, improve compliance and manage incidents and corrective actions. Using Inspector – Inspection Software you can manage safety inspections, facility inspections, equipment inspections and then monitor the results using powerful reporting and dashboards. You can design your own checklists and define the possible responses to each step in an audit or inspection. Performing inspections using Smart Phones or Tablets increases productivity and removes paperwork.  The Inspector – Inspection Software App can operate with or without an internet connection so that you can still carry out your safety inspections, facility inspections or equipment inspections when not connected over cellphone or WiFi, using barcodes and RFID with the Inspector – Inspection Software App allows for automated identification and tracking of items and ensures that inspections are carried out on the correct item at the correct location.

The key benefits of using Inspector – Inspection Software are:

Ensure inspections are carried out on time, manage incidents to closure.

Eliminate Paperwork
Conduct inspections faster and more accurately, using Tablets, Smart Phones or Mobile Computers.

Reduce Risk
Powerful reporting and dashboards help you to manage all your inspection processes.

Audit Ready
Full trace ability of all inspections activities, a web based solution that can be accessed from any PC, with all data stored securely in the Cloud.



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