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Discover Technologies is an IT consulting services and enterprise search software solutions firm tailored to meet the critical business challenges that both public and private sector organizations face today. Listen in as Bruce Stover and Malcolm Hyson join us today as they discoverdiscuss their innovative search solutions based on Microsoft Azure and SharePoint that helps organizations make it easier to share, find and utilize enterprise data and resources regardless of where they reside.

Located in the Washington, DC area, Discover Technologies offers a full range of IT consulting services and innovative enterprise search software solutions tailored to meet critical business challenges within both the public and private sectors.

When our experts are retained to face significant challenges, clients request to extend and increase the engagements due to the level of service delivered.  With deep experience in industry leading collaborative technologies such as Microsoft’s SharePoint, Business Process Management systems and other various platforms, we have become extremely proficient in helping organizations by designing the right solution to support their business endeavors. After the design phase, we work with the client every step of the way toward effective implementation.

We are leaders in the accessibility/usability field when it comes to making SharePoint usable by workers who are blind or visually impaired. Our discover 508 for SharePoint solution truly makes a difference in the lives of knowledge workers who use it and become as productive as their sighted coworkers. We deliver all of the most important collaborative features of SharePoint, some of which are very difficult for workers who are blind to access in native SharePoint.

We provide operational efficiencies across your organization by making it easier to share, find and utilize enterprise data and resources regardless of where they reside.

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