Why your boss needs you to go to Chicago

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We've told you a lot about the massive opportunities Microsoft Ignite offers IT pros and decision makers, but here's who else benefits: your organization. With you as envoy, your organization stands to gain a footing in the fast-changing IT landscape, where deeper expertise, sharper vision, and fresher connections energize your day-to-day work and give you an edge on the future.

Awesome benefits for your company:

  1. Learn how to get the most from your technologies. Microsoft Ignite offers sessions on technology features and functions you use today plus many you haven't necessarily explored. Learn how your solutions integrate with new technologies and across the enterprise stack. Spend days talking with Microsoft and industry experts who know the products best.
  2. Network with similar organizations and partners. Share technology challenges and solutions. Come away with new tricks and a fat list of new contacts for asking questions, partnering, or otherwise doing business.
  3. Find out what's next. Hear where Microsoft is headed and what new Microsoft and third-party technologies are emerging. Use the information to make smarter decisions about how to invest your time and resources. Grasp the big picture.
  4. Share knowledge with your team. After you return, schedule a brown bag to explain what you learned and who you met—and why it all matters to your business.

Tell your employer

Tell your boss you'll gain tools and knowledge to do your job better, and you'll be better equipped to help the business move forward and keep pace with technology. Considering the powerful ways your company can benefit from Microsoft Ignite, and the enormous potential returns, the value of the investment will be clear.

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