We are in the era of Ignite

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Since the dawn of humankind, people have been teaming up to build and invent, usually to make life easier—for sustenance, to get ahead, and sometimes just because we can.

At Microsoft Ignite, we're bringing together all the right ingredients for teamwork and innovation. First, people with unstoppable curiosity and passion for progress. Next, awesome technology that inspires exploration. Then insights and more insights from top leaders and those toughing it out in the trenches. Lastly, and not least of all, fun that keeps everyone going with a smile.

In the mix, we'll see partnerships created and others renewed. We'll see new ideas sparked. And at the end of the week we'll be solidly into what we hope will be a remarkable new era in partnerships: the era of Ignite.

They did it. Imagine what's next!

1903: Orville and Wilbur Wright taught us that invention can literally uplift people and bring them closer together with their flying machine.

1957: Les Paul and Gibson transformed the music scene with electric guitars. Fans were, shall we say, electrified.

1969: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins defied the limits of space travel in the Apollo 11 moon landing.

2015: Innovators (like you) are getting ready for Ignite, where you'll discover new partnerships and innovations that couldn't have been imagined in the past.

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