How To: Plan your time at Microsoft Ignite

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With 1,000+ sessions over 5 days, there's a lot to do at Microsoft Ignite—and a lot to keep track of. How do you do it? The Microsoft Ignite Session Builder has you covered. You can customize your own schedule, share Playlists, and make bookmarks. Here's what you can do:

 Each of these tools lives in your MyIgnite account. We'll start with the tool that helps you build your days:

Schedule Builder—personalized planning

Schedule Builder is your personal, customized calendar for Microsoft Ignite. It's the place to plan out what you actually intend to go to, and see how things fit together.

Note that adding something to your Schedule Builder doesn't guarantee you a spot in that session—all sessions are first come, first served.

Playlists—sharing, bookmarking, and reminding

See something interesting—but it's not right for your schedule? Or maybe it's something you think a co-worker should know about? That's where Playlist comes in. Playlist lets you create secondary lists of sessions for whatever purpose you want. Just a few ideas:

  • Create a list of sessions to send to a friend
  • Bookmark sessions you want to watch on demand when you get home
  • Create multiple lists of sessions to send to teammates

Here's how it works: Create a list, click the Share button, and you'll get a unique link you can send off. Then, clear the list and start over. You can make as many Playlists as you want, each one with a unique link. (Even if you change the list, the Playlist will remember the sessions that were on it at the time you clicked the Share button.)

The Update Stream—staying current

At the bottom of the MyIgnite home page, you'll see all of the key changes to the schedule—things like new sessions, time changes, speaker changes, room changes. So as new sessions appear, you'll be able to quickly see what they are, and if you want to add them to your schedule. If there's a change to a session that you've already put in your schedule, it will automatically update in your schedule.

Share with anyone

You can share your personal schedule or any Playlists you create with anyone, whether they're attending Microsoft Ignite or not. The people you send them to won't need their own credentials to see your shared MyIgnite lists.


So head over to MyIgnite now and start planning. Just log on with your registration account, and create yourself the perfect five days. We look forward to seeing you at the sessions, labs, and keynotes that you choose in Atlanta!



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