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Let’s celebrate

Join us under the stars in Centennial Olympic Park, in the heart of Atlanta, for a Microsoft Celebration unlike any other. Mouthwatering aromas of abundant cookouts, the clamor of summer games, and the lively beat of outdoor music. Jump into old-fashioned summer camp activities—or grab a drink, hang out, and do some "glamping." Your choice.

There's Something for Everyone.

Kick off the summer with food, libations, and games in not just one, but four unique camping experiences. Adventure awaits!

  • Camp Alpine- Missing the great outdoors? Start your night at Camp Alpine where a host of adrenaline fueled activities await. Find a friend and race to the finish line of the ultimate challenge obstacle course, strap on a harness and belay down the rock wall, or free fall into our quad bungee jump. Not your kind of adrenaline? Take to the stage and rock out with one of Atlanta's hottest rock bands at fireside karaoke.
  • Camp Lakeside- Looking for something more low key? Camp Lakeside welcomes you with a 9 hole putt putt course, badminton, and target archery; grab a local beer and take it easy!
  • Camp Southwest- Reminiscing of rustic summers? Stop by Camp Southwest and watch the sun set over the endless horizon while listening to the bluegrass tunes of iconic southern bands- The Delta Saints and Whiskey Gentry. All music lovers welcome!
  • Camp Glamp- Not a fan of the great indoors? Meet others like you at Camp Glamp. Connect over the felt of the billiard tables and get ready to yell "Timberrr!" when the giant Jenga finally collapses.  

Hang out, play, and enjoy the music.

We've got the soundtrack for your summer. Music from local bands and musicians will fill the air while you and your peers, eat, play and connect. March to the beat of your own drum? Grab the mic yourself at Campfire Karaoke with one of Atlanta's leading rock bands. After a few songs, there are no more strangers—just friends.

It's all because of you.

We love our community, and we can't wait to celebrate with you in Atlanta on September 29th. See you there!



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  • enspositoensposito Woohoo!

    I am hoping S'mores are part of the equation when it comes to camping...or should we bring our own supplies?

  • It is not clear if this is for Ignite attendees already in Atlanta for the week or anyone who wants to stop by.

  • This is the closing party on Thursday night, 9-29 --- the "Microsoft Ignite Celebration".  I would guess it will be handled in the same manner as last year's event in Chicago and it will be available only for conference attendees with badges or those that purchase a companion pass to bring a friend not attending the conference.

    The party is a great time!

    Companion Pass information:


  • KevinKevin

    Let's hope the lines won't be huge with long delays just to get some small sampling of food at each food venue.

  • DissapointedDissapointed

    Dissapointing. It seems like every year the celebration gets less and less exciting. Where are the years of renting out Universal Studios ect...

  • UghUgh


  • guyverlord3guyverlord3 Good, Bad, I'm the man with the Gun

    I will not be going. Sad

  • This sounds like a great time!  Looking forward to it!

  • Joe KellyRallyJoe Hybrid Cloud Ninja

    I'm excited!  This sounds new and interesting.   Should be fun!    

    People who instantly judge it as "lame" as above really need to get a life and stop dragging the world down with them.     You aren't required to attend any party, go somewhere else if it isn't for you. 

  • Sounds fun, i do hope though the lines are not like Chicago last year....

  • Sean KearneyEnergized​Tech_MVP PowerShell - Saving the IT World One Cmdlet at a time...

    Can't wait to see just who tops last year's band.... "Fallout Boy" :)


  • KevinKevins​Channel9​Profile "Oh good Lord, not this again." - Me after 5th time someone rewrites our logging lib. ​#bikesheddi​ng

    Lame?  Are you kidding!?  'Target archery' + alcohol + folks who have never touched a bow...oh baby, I'm counting the days.

  • I plan to be there and have a good time.

  • Sounds great. Looking very forward to!

  • D. BegleyDBegley Technical ​Evangelist-​Events

    @ensposito: Yes! From a thread on the Krewe page it has been confirmed that there will be s'mores too! No need to bring your own supplies!

  • TheBSofCorporateEvangelistsTheBSof​Corporate​Evangelists

    At $3,000/ticket plus thousands more for hotel and airfare, every attendee has the right to call out Microsoft's mostly self-promotional Ignite event as the huge cash cow that it is and speak out when Microsoft's BS is at its peak.

    Atlanta is a woefully boring city, but Microsoft is not helping any, with the above lame-list "Celebration" of "camping" (WTF?) activities. Bungee-jumping, rock-climbing, and obstacle courses? Why not tell your guests to go climb a tree? No wonder everyone loathes Windows 10: Apparently, its target audience is sporty, unwashed adrenaline junkies.

    This is like being invited to a party and then finding out that the cheap hosts decided to keep more of their obscene profits by holding it outside [read: heat, bugs, and humidity...yes, even in ATL's September] in a tourist-ghetto, Olympics-leftover park, where hotdogs will be the main course, along with bands that no one (including 99.99999% of Atlantans) has ever heard of playing music (Bluegrass?! Was Bing unable to figure out that Atlanta is in Georgia, not Kentucky?!) that no one other than an insomniac wants to hear.

    All of the above should drive down the number attending. Good job, Microsoft accountants!

  • A NonymousA Nonymous

    TheBSofCorporateEvangelists... Did your parents not love you or something? Or are you just a self-loathing troll? Seriously, you don't have to go, and there's no need to act like an *. But, if you can't help it, please feel free to shove your head back from whence you pulled it to vomit on the internet.

  • Peace SignPeace Sign

    No reason to be vulgar, "A Nonymous"...if you are what to expect, I wouldn't go, either!

  • A NonymousA Nonymous

    Good... don't. Forgive me for calling out a whiny, insulting arse-hat. This is my 6th MS conference. I'm not saying this is the best end-of-week celebration idea, but it's definitely better than the aquarium/Coca-Cola museum party from the last time TechEd was in Atlanta. It's definitely not as cool as Universal Studios, but you don't see me, or most people, whining like the above butt-hurt troll. If you don't like it, save your money and don't go. Problem solved. Don't make the mistake of assuming that anyone, at all, gives half a cent about your beeching.

    Stupid internet...

  • Windows GuyWindows Guy

    TheBSofCorporateEvangelists's take sounds pretty accurate, actually.

    A Nonymous sounds like a real piece of work....

  • A NonymousA Nonymous

    This guy's throwing a tantrum like a child who didn't get the toy he wanted and I'm the piece of work? Cause, you know, the party is why everyone goes in the first place. And of course MS makes money off this. They wouldn't do it if they didn't.

  • @BrianDay: Just for Microsoft Ignite attendees!

  • @LensEffects:You nailed it, thanks for chiming in!

  • Atlanta is a woefully boring city,

    I have to agree with this quote.  I was rather disappointed when Ignite was moved from Chicago.  I am hoping Atlanta is at least better than Houston.  (Remember how bad Houston was for TechEd 2014...)

    As far as the party goes not sure what other venue options Microsoft would have for around 20,000 people.  The Aquarium /Coke thing was already done so people would have complained.  I don't think the weather will be a big deal as we are looking at late September in the evenings I am guessing it will be in the low 70's.  It would be nice to have a name band but it still sounds like there will be fun things to do.

    My biggest complaint about ignite is Atlanta.  Hopefully Microsoft will pick some better cities in the future.  Out west might be nice for a change.  San Diego, San Francisco and heck even Las Vegas all have really nice convention centers.  Everyone one west coast like myself loses two days traveling to and from Atlanta. 


  • West would be cool, just not Vegas. :) Personally, I'd like to go back to NOLA. Been to TechEd twice there and it was a lot of fun. Not to mention the food is amazing.Orlando would be nice too. Missed the last one.

  • EduardoEduardo

    FYI... if you like it, Gov't Mule & Blackberry Smoke will be playing near Atlanta on Friday and Saturday after the conference. Check their agenda - http://mule.net/upcoming-shows/

    I'm going to see them in Cherokee on Friday evening!

  • ntprochaaker #IAMKREWE

    I am meh as well. I know MS tries hard and it is almost a no-win situation but being honest this doesn't do it for me. Some of the stuff seems cool, but knowing the lines for *everything* will be outrageous, I am not excited. The ATL in whole as a venue is just meh. Chicago, while not conveniently located near the convention center, had a lot to do and tons of options. If a vote is taking place -- Vegas, yes. It has never gone there and I am not sure why. MMS was always there as was that other dev conference they had for a short time.

  • So disappointed. I was hoping for so much more. 6 flags is in Atlanta, and at the top of my list of places to have a great party. Instant regret at purchasing a ticket for my wife to attend.

  • Randle GoldRandle Gold

    I only have experience with the old MMS parties but this wrap up party seems lame. I'm from Canada, we camp 24/7 ;)

  • ScottScott

    My mind is boggled by the responses. Maybe I am just too much of a nerd or maybe I go on my own awesome vacations (been on 3 this year already), but I don't care where the celebration is or what they have there. I'll make an appearance, if it's no fun, I leave.

    I got to TechEd\Ignite for the technology. Sure I'll probably go to parties and drink way too much at least once. But I'd do that no matter where I was!

    For someone to bash Ignite as being a self-glorifying promotional event has already lost my attention. It's a MS event for MS products. If you expected otherwise I am baffled at how you are able to work in a field that requires high analytical and critical thinking skills.

    I also like the insulting of people who like adrenaline inducing activities as sporty, unwashed types. Maybe if you ask nice they can get you some tickets to see Stryper.

  • ScottScott

    And because I can't let well enough alone, two minutes of research led me to this amazing discovery! Bluegrass music is so named because of the Blue Grass Boys which was formed where? Atlanta!! The name of the band comes from Bill Monroe's home state of Kentucky.

    So maybe the TheBSof​Corporate​Evangelists should go back to university and study how to use Google.

    And don't worry MS, if you had gotten another A-List band like Fall Out Boy someone would have complained about how they don't like loud rock music. And if you had rented Six Flags someone would have complained they don't like amusement rides. And if you had rented out the Georgia Dome and had Matt Ryan speak people would have complained that they don't like football and stadium food.

    Thank you for creating a creative and diverse event that will allow people with open minds to get a chance to experience something new.

    And most importantly, thanks for the free booze. Amen. ;)

  • Guys,

    Time to get real... the venue is finalised (too late to change it now)  and we have to hope that Microsoft get the food and queues right as this always annoys me... but not enough to stop me booking again this year.

    The point of this conference is knowledge about technology that will help us all do our jobs better and it is of course paid for by our business who do not want us to enjoy ourselves too much at their expense.

    So hope to see shorter queues but more importantly take home some great new ideas and direction.

  • Andrew NAndrew N

    Very sad to see Ignite has been moved from Chicago to one of the most unpleasant cities in the US.
    It's a big problem to find flights to Atlanta from Europe so if it's held there again next year, I will certainly not be going.

    Chicago was a superb venue.

  • Bill RBill R

    I'll reserve judgement until the Party is actually held. Last year's Ignite party was lame because there simply was TOO MANY people in a confined space, and it was hard to pick up a drink and some food. Perhaps now that it's in Centennial Park, there will be more space.

    Quite honestly, I don't need to do anything except grab a drink (maybe some food) and walk around and talk to people. Remember, we're going for knowledge - and this party is just a way for Microsoft to get the crowd to be a bit social. As far as I'm concerned, the social aspect IS the reason I'm coming to Ignite - I can watch all of the sessions online a year later if I want.

    As for Atlanta - it's maybe not as good as Chicago, but we already know why it had to be changed. I'd love to see next year out in San Diego (having lived there for 16 years). THAT would be the ultimate. But of course, in the final analysis, it's all about meeting people.

  • TimCTimC

    Chicago might be a great city but the venue was very far from superb. I still shudder at the thought of being served ice cold fried chicken. I've never spent so much money on lunch during a Microsoft conference as I did last year.

  • Chicago might be a great city but the venue was very far from superb. I still shudder at the thought of being served ice cold fried chicken. I've never spent so much money on lunch during a Microsoft conference as I did last year.

    Lol yes the food was so bad last year that a few of the meals I ended up throwing the food out after one bite....Also the food lines were so badly managed a couple of time I thought we were close to a trampling incident.  So for this year I am planning on the possibility of not eating any of the provided meals depending on how things go after Monday.  I hope there are some other food options close to the convention center. 

  • GuidoGuido

    Hmmmm...I say bring back Tech-Ed Europe, always very nice, and no jetlag for me :)

  • Andrew NAndrew N

    Hopefully the headliner band will be better than the woeful "Fallout Boy"

    Mind you, they did manage to clear the main stage area VERY quickly.

  • Looking for a pass if not being used.  Feel free to email me at sillylouie@gmail.Com. 




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