Microsoft Ignite 2016: Counting down the days!

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With just a few weeks to go until Microsoft Ignite 2016, the energy is really building; in the industry, at Microsoft, and hopefully for you! Microsoft Ignite is sold out, so for the fortunate 20 thousand plus people who will be there, I look forward to seeing you in person.   

In my 15 years at Microsoft, I have had the opportunity to work across our entire enterprise technology portfolio. Many people know me from my prior 8 years, focused on Office 365, but today, I am working on our cloud platform, including Microsoft Azure and Windows Server, IT security & management. In my current role, I also have the privilege to lead our IT professional community and readiness programs.

This year, I am looking forward to hosting Microsoft Ignite. I will be guiding you through the event, providing behind the scenes information, giving context and perspective on Microsoft technology, as well as joining Satya and Scott Guthrie for the keynotes.

Speaking of keynotes -- based on your feedback from last year we are evolving the keynotes, thank you for all the input! Scott will be kicking off the conference first thing Monday morning, talking about both today's key technology and crucially the changing role of IT in shaping the future. He will be joined by an insightful set of guests and of course, show some great demos. We are keeping the morning keynote short and sweet. Immediately following the morning keynote, we have eight of our top technical leaders presenting general sessions. These will be action packed presentations giving a deeper look at the tech innovation in their respective areas. We know these general sessions are very important and we will be live streaming all of them. For all of you who will be watching around the world, you can watch any of them you choose. Of course, we will also make the sessions available on demand; so whether you are attending in person, or virtually, you can watch as many as you like, whenever and whenever you are. 

Bringing the first day of Microsoft Ignite to a close, we are looking forward to hearing from Satya. He will present a key set of next generation innovations, that we see as fundamental to shaping IT in the foreseeable future. As always, Satya's keynote is not to be missed.

The Keynotes and General Sessions set the scene for the rest of the week, but of course, one of the benefits of such a comprehensive conference is the chance to really dig into technology!  For the rest of the week's sessions, you can expect to see a rich set of in-depth technical content combined with lots of real-world customer examples, so you can learn what peers are doing across a variety of tech areas. In addition, we will have labs, giving in-person attendees plenty of opportunity to really get hands on with the technology.

More than ever we see technology impact individuals and organizations.  Technology is today's differentiator regardless of individual role or your organizations industry.  This is why I am excited for Microsoft Ignite. Bringing this community of passionate, intelligent and motivated people together. Going deep on tech; from email and collaboration, to machine learning and advanced security, and everything in between. Helping our respective organizations transform. I have never seen more opportunity for technology to play a defining role in business and crucially in all of our personal and professional growth.


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