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With over 20,000 attending sold-out Microsoft Ignite, we are providing four unique options for the Monday morning Keynote and afternoon Innovation Keynote, so you can catch every moment.


1.     Head to Hall C1 for the "Morning TV" version. Join Microsoft personalities and Azure Engineers Joey Snow and Rick Claus, our own Patch & Switch (@PatchAndSwitch). They'll bring their unique brand of fun and some special guests to an audience-participation episode of their podcast from 8:00-9:00 a.m. followed by live broadcast of the Keynote. And – only in Hall C1, we will have fresh-baked morning treats plus all the energy drinks and iced coffees you'll need to get you revved up for the show. Remember these are only available in C1, so make sure to find your seat for these tasty treats. Hall C1 will also be open for the afternoon Innovation Keynote with more special treats. [NOTE: Immediately after the morning Keynote, the Reinvent IT Infrastructure for Business Agility General Session will be in this Hall, with Jason Zander, Corporate VP, Microsoft Azure, Cloud + Enterprise.]

2.     Come to the Microsoft Ignite Studio in Hall C2 for a live morning pre-show with Mary Jo Foley, Jeffrey Snover, Alex Bradley, and others, then stay for live broadcast of the full Keynote. After the General Sessions, stay for live presentations and demos by Jeffrey Snover, Corey Saunders, Mark Russinovich, Adam Harmetz and a special segment on the Renault Sport Formula One Team. We wrap the day a special interview with Bret Arsenault and Blair Hanley Frank, leading into the afternoon Innovation Keynote with a post-keynote review.  Return in the afternoon for the Innovation Keynote. 

3.    The Jumbo Screens in Hall C2. Also in the Hang Out, you can watch both keynotes and all 8 General Sessions live on 3,500 square-feet of beautiful hi-definition content. Plug in your headphones, grab a seat and tune into the screen of your choice. It's a great place to hang out!  

4.     Feel the live energy at Philips Arena. The morning Keynote and afternoon Innovation Keynote will originate from Philips, and the crowd will be pumped up! [Show up early as Philips Arena is a public sports arena and standard security and bag checks will take place prior to entry into the arena.]


Seating is limited in each location; please show up early to ensure your choice of venue. All locations will offer closed captioning.





The Discussion

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    Kamlesh Chandra

    Very well written, Rick! I will be streaming online for sure. Hope you are well. Look a bit seasoned though, like your bike 😋👍🏻

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    Patrick Bates

    I was wondering how everyone was going to fit into Philips Arena. Hall C1 sounds like the place for me.

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    Just a random ask about Ignite.  I am not able to make it this year, but I loved watching Build online and geeking out. Will there be official online option for poor/busy nerds who still love MS and wish to watch Ignite from afar?

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    @CommonSense: Day One will have a livestream of the keynotes and also some general sessions. After that, all the sessions at MS Ignite will be recorded and available online after the event. 

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    @RicksterCDN:  Thank you.  Have fun ... but not to much fun.  ;)

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