Speak now or forever hold your tees.

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    Hi! Loving that octopus.

    Couple questions--

    Will the shirts also come in women's sizes? Unisex does not, unfortunately, fit well, and I don't need yet another conference tee that languishes in my closet.

    Could you include instructions on how to make Twitter chats easier to follow (TweetChat, etc)?

    Much appreciated! Looking forward to chatting about Ignite.

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    What about if you find the ultimate first T-shirt from history of Microsoft event?

    But no matter how it looks like, please keep your focus on ethical. Do not buy the cheapest one only to get most biggest invoices for you. Please please, look at least a bit the quality and make sure it is not made in the factory where you never can stay a day.

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    Ron McMahon

    My frustration is that my t-shirt size is never available. Yeah, there aren't a lot of other people who are 6' 8" tall, but we exist and are discriminated against when companies only offer 2XL sizes. Yeah, I wear a 4XLT (T for Tall)

    Is it really all that difficult to accommodate this size, or is it that Microsoft just doesn't care enough?

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    I'm with BeckyB, would love to see these shirts in a women's version!!

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