Creating Better User Experiences-Sessions by Dan Harrelson and Kim Lenox

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Take part in the in-depth, practical discussions on user experience in the real-world during four sessions lead by Adaptive Path Senior Technologist Dan Harrelson and Senior Interaction Designer Kim Lenox:

Creating Better User Experiences: Design Strategy

Join us for this session to gain the tools you need to establish and implement an effective design strategy, one that meshes business goals with appeals to the target customer.

Creating Better User Experiences: Interaction Design

In this session, develop a framework to turn research findings into interaction design concepts. Learn how to take the raw data from research and craft design principles that you can turn into a prototype.

Creating Better User Experiences: Information Architecture

Come to this session and we'll analyze content, features, and data within your system, whether it's a Website, intranet, or Web application. Learn how to create a model of your content that illustrates how the different pieces relate to each other. Learn the advantages and drawbacks of different categorization methods. How best can you use metadata and tagging? What exactly is the difference between a taxonomy, folksonomy, vocabulary, or thesaurus?

Creating Better User Experiences: Design Methods

Join us to survey the landscape of interaction design methods, tools, and techniques to improve your ability to diagnose the business situation and select the right steps in the process to design a powerful result. We provide you with the means to map and thoughtfully select from the full range of techniques at your disposal.

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