MIX Degrees of Separation with Twitter, and Facebook and tagging (oh my)!

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Meet new friends and old, stay up to the minute on all the happenings, and network like you’ve never networked before using our MIX social networking offerings. 

Converse and connect before, during and after MIX on Facebook with other attendees. Upload event photos, start dialogues, and get the most current information on MIX07 and Birds of a Feather gatherings between sessions. Join the MIX07 Event on Facebook to connect with other attendees and join the Facebook Developer community to connect with fellow developers and learn more about the Facebook Platform.

What is Twitter? It's what everyone is doing! Twitter is a versatile new service that only asks one question: What are you doing? Answers are kept under 140 characters and routed between friends in real time so you always know what's up.  Join us! Text JOIN MIX07 to 40404 and Twitter will keep us all connected as we descend upon Las Vegas for our 72 hour conversation. We'll know who's "heading out to dinner in ten minutes," who is "sitting up for the Ray Ozzie keynote," and even, who is "waking up in the desert!"

Finally, be sure to tag all of your MIX related blog posts and photos as MIX07 so that all those folks who weren’t able to make it can see what’s going on (and all the cool stuff they are missing)!


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