REMIX contest ends tonight! Meet the judges!

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You have approximately 9 hours and 18 minutes to get your REMIX entry in for a chance to win a trip to MIX07! 

And now it's time to meet the judges!  Our esteemed panel picking the winners for this year's REMIX includes:

Ryan Freitas:  Ryan Freitas is a Senior Interaction Designer for Adaptive Path. With ten years in the field, Ryan is an experienced and opinionated advocate for user-centered design. Recently, Ryan has assumed responsibility for Adaptive Path's New Ventures program, working with startups to bring engaging and innovative offerings to market.His clients include Turner, Oracle, Flickr,Six Apart,BitTorrent, Plazes, Foxmarks, Ning, Socialtext,and Sphere. He writes and speaks frequently oncollaboration tools, online media platforms, and community building.

Ryan Stewart:  Author of the ZDNet blog covering Rich Internet Applications :  The Universal Desktop as well as his own blog: Digital Back Country, Ryan is currently with web startup, Threecast and continues to be passionate about the future of Web Development.

Forest Key:  Formerly  at Industrial Light & Magic and later Macromedia, Forest is currently director of product management for Microsoft’s design tools.

Adam Kinney:  Adam Kinney works at Microsoft  on the Channel 9, Channel 10, VisitMix sites and more community projects that have yet to be released.

And last but not least....

Donavon West:  Donavon West (one of last year’s REMIX winners) is the CTO of (a gadget development firm) and a Microsoft MVP for Windows Live Development. He originally hails from Chicago, but now lives in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. He is very active in the gadget development community; both with Windows Vista Sidebar and web gadget (such as those used on and Windows Live Spaces).


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