Scott Guthrie and the Pyramid o’ Patents

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A general manager within Microsoft’s developer division, Scott Guthrie chats about his upcoming keynote at MIX07 with Rory Blyth from Channel 9. Scott talks about why MIX is such a unique Microsoft conference, what his team is up to on the web technologies front including WPF/E, what’s so special about IIS 7.0, why you should care about the next version of Visual Studio that is code named Orcas, and what it’s like to go into meetings with big wig executives like Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and Ray Ozzie (another person who will keynote MIX07). And yes, even though Scott is an exec himself, he still spends lots of time coding; he’s a developer’s developer. And he’ll be on the floor at MIX for you to mingle with. Enjoy!


iis7, MIX07, Orcas

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