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In this video i am describing in depth out of the box features for Azure App Service. Azure App service allows developers to build web, mobile and api applications using your favorite programming language. 

The video shows how to provision azure app service without the need to have azure subscription to get a sense of what can you build with azure app service. Also, we cover how to use azure portal features for app services in terms of: scalability,security, automated backups, deployment slots, VNet integration vs Hybrid networking and much more.

Hope you enjoy it!




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The Discussion

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    Hans Wright

    Thank you for making this video .. Please consider making fonts bigger and bolder as video quality can differ and text on the slides can get really fuzzy. You are very clear to understand and the audio quality is very acceptable.
    Thank You

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    Hi Hans,

    Sure will make sure next time we have bigger text fonts. Thanks for watching.

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