Power BI Embedded Explained - Part 4

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This video series explains what is Power BI Embedded feature that Microsoft announced in Build 2016 conference last week.

In part 4, i explain App Token types and the importance of understanding how Power BI API authenticates applications when rendering reports. Also, This part has ASP.NET Web forms application that uses Power BI Embedded report that we have imported in part 2 in Power BI workspace collection in Azure.


Part 4 is focusing on:

  • Understanding Application Authentication Tokens.
  • Types of App Tokens
  • Demo for asp.net Web Forms app that uses Power BI Embedded report


If you haven't watched part 1, here is a link for it.

If you haven't watched part 2, here is a link for it.

if you haven't watched part 3, here is a link for it.




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The Discussion

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    Hi Mostafa,

    Great work!! Thanks a lot.

    I have question as you shown we can integrate complete dashboard.

    Can I integrate one tile of dashboard not complete dashboard in my api (C# & Asp.net).

    If yes can you help me resource link to follow.


    Thanks and Regards

    Abhijeet Barbate





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    @abhijeetbarbate:we were sharing/viewing a complete dashboard in our app. i want to make sure that i understand your question?

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    Hello Mostafa,

    thank you, you explain things much better than any other documents online in terms of Power BI embedded;

    my questions is, when I am working in my own project folder following your tutorial part 4, after I include all NuGet packages mentioned here, I still get some errors for: "namespace not found",

    like in Default.aspx.cs, I get namespace not found for ReportViewModel, after I realize I should add ReportViewModel.cs in my Models folder and do that, I get another error saying namespace not found for "IReports", in ReportViewModel.cs;

    another example is that "CreateDevToken is not found",

    it seems a lot of other things are still missing, are there any other libraries that we need to include somewhere, apart from the ones that we install through NuGet,

    or from your project,https://github.com/melzoghbi/PowerBIEmbeddedWebForms, what do we have to add into our project folder, which has no Power BI elements before at all, but have many other asp.net pages, in order to run Power BI embedded reports in our webform? (apart from the elements installed through Nuget that are mentioned in this video)

    I am quite a beginner, so I am sorry for bothering you if my questions are silly; thank you again for your amazing videos,thank you.

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