Hacker calls Microsoft employee claiming to be Microsoft

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In this video you will witness hackers attempting a social engineering attack. They randomly call people and try and get them to allow remote control to a PC. They then try and show how the customers are infected and charge to fix their PC.

When one called my home, I wanted to see what they were up to so I played along.

This video is both entertaining and informative in seeing how this social engineering hacking works.




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The Discussion

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    thanx dude this was informativ :D :D

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    The Mens

    Sounds like the same call I got 2/18/15:

    203.169.5185 - Claimed to be calling about my computer "with the Windows operating server on it" and said that "a lot of hacking files had been downloaded recently". I said, "I have more than 100 computers here. This is a business. Which one are you referring to? " "Oh... OK... Um..." CLICK.
    * scammers.

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    I love how he bluntly installs chrome "because it works better with Windows 8" - coming from a guy from the Windows team... That made my day :)

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    A bit on the long side, but none the less horribly fascinating.

    Screw the bas***ds before they screw you!

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    This has huge entertainment value. I lost it when he entered the tree command.

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    Also like on the CPU view when he brings up Task Manager:

    Sockets: 1
    Virtual Processors: 1
    Virtual Machine: Yes

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    "70 degree celcius" in california . Hahahaha. Pure entertainment.

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