How to build the "Ultimate Home Network"

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This is the first video in a series of videos on "How to build the Ultimate Home Network". In this first video Brian Lewis and David Giard discuss some of the problems with the traditional home networking equipment in regards to poor WIFI coverage, poor scalability, and just plain bad security. This video sets the ground work for why you may want to build your network into an "Ultimate Home Network". In future videos we cover options for several areas of your home network. Specifically we will cover:
  • Router / firewall Options
  • WIFI access point Options
  • What a good switch can bring you
  • Printers on your network
  • Why would I want a server in my house?
  • How to handle all these IOT devices on my wireless

Come join the conversation and let us know what you have built and if there are things we are missing in our Ultimate Home Network.

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The Discussion

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    This was a great episode and I'm keen on wathing the other episodes.
    Were they ever filmed and released and where can one find them?

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