How to create an SMB3 File Share in Azure Storage

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In this quick video I walk you through the steps of setting up an SMB 3 file share in Azure Storage. There is no VM needed! This is a great way to share files and store backups. If you come up with a cool use - please share it in the comments.

Here is a summary of the steps:

  • Create a general storage account
  • From the Files services create the share
  • Configure the quota on the share
  • Access the share.

This quick and easy way to setup a file share on the internet takes only a couple of minutes. It is also inexpensive as you only pay for the File Storage and Egress Bandwidth. At the time of this posting this should equate to about 8 cents a month for a gigabyte of data. Nice!




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The Discussion

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    Rahul Rai

    I built an ELMAH log sharing application after watching this:

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    I love it and I use it But, how do I create a user that can have read only access and expiring password?

    I current access it by going to \\azure\share and then Windows prompts for a username and password.

    It works great but I want to really share it to others and obviously, I cannot give out my super secret password.

    I want to have a different user such as azure\user with there own password.

    Can ya'll help?

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