An Extended Look at Project Gustav - Immersive Digital Painting

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As part of his MIX10 keynote presentation Bill Buxton showed off Project Gustav - an immersive digital painting experience created by Microsoft Research - as an example of natural user interface.

Previously covered on Channel 9 as part of the TechFest 2010 coverage we invited the Project Gustav guys back into the studio for a deeper dive into what they've built, why they chose to build it and what makes this experience so different from other tablet-based painting applications.

More on Project Gustav: Project Gustav is a realistic painting-system prototype that enables artists to become immersed in the digital painting experience. It achieves interactivity and realism by leveraging the computing power of modern GPUs, taking full advantage of multitouch and tablet input technology and our novel natural media-modeling and brush-simulation algorithms. Project Gustav is a great example of how Microsoft's research efforts are leading to exciting new technologies to support creativity.

This video originally aired during the Channel 9 Live at MIX10 Day 1 lunch break on March 15th 2010.



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