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Ch9Live at Silverlight 4 Launch - Ask The Gu

51 minutes, 27 seconds


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Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President of the .NET Developer Platform, sat down with Charles Torre and John Papa at DevConnections 2010 in Las Vegas to answer your Silverlight 4 questions live on the air.

This session was recorded live as part of Channel 9 Live at the Silverlight 4 Launch from the Bellagio Hotel & Casino on April 13th 2010.


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  • I have a question:

    In a scenario, if I create a simple ASP.NET Applcation, work on it for months, and suddenly i feel the need to use custom SL 3.0 or SL 4.0 controls in my application, how can I do that?

    I can't recreate the whole thing by starting over with the "Silverlight enabled ASP.NET" template!!

    Is it possible??

  • Greg Braygbrayut Check out PhraseMeme Scanner for Windows Phone at ​PhraseMeme.​com

    Good stuff!


    Just FYI... you can watch the Silverlight 4 Launch Keynote here as well as other sessions from DecConnections 2010 here

  • John Papajopapa Evangelist on the Loose

    Manish - You can embed a Silverlight app inside of your ASP.NET page (or HTML for that matter) using the object tag. When you create a Silverlight application it generates a test page for you. You can grab the object tag code from there.

  • HarlequinHarlequin http:/​/​twitter.​com/True​Harlequin

    It sucked watching this live....I had a Tweet up on the screen for half an hour and you guys kept asking the dumb ones aroune mine Tongue Out

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.

    I really want to be able to see the questions that have been asked during this segment and the ability to skip to the point in the video where they're being asked. There's been a ton of C9 live content lately, but I just have no way of watching it all, and I have no way to pick and choose the things that interest me because I have no way of telling which questions are being answered.


    There must be some way to index this. You guys have the questions coming up on the board, and I assume someone offscreen takes them off once they've been answered. That means you both have the text of the question and the approximate time in the recording when it's being asked... Surely turning that into some sort of simple XML file should be possible? Then at least you could put that information in the video description, or even somehow use that XML file to generate chapter information in the video, which would be even better.

  • PerfectPhasePerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman

    Along these lines, one of the things we do is wrap the SL object tag into an ASP.Net server control, if we dectect the user has SL installed we render SL, if not we render a downlevel ASP.NET AJAX solution.  we use this the mostly for things like datagrids and file uploads.

  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    @Bas Our goal is to enable this functionality ASAP; we just need to build it... got some spare cycles? Want to help us build it? Smiley

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    That's actually a great idea. It's been far too long since Niners have built any software for Channel 9. If you're a SL developer, well, why not help us help you? This could be a project on Codeplex. I'd be happy to get involved as well, but not unless other Niners jump in. Heck, YOU are the talent.


    Let's go Niners!!

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.

    I'd love it. If this was a CodePlex project I'd definitely help out.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Great. Nic, fire up a project (including functional spec, design requirements, etc) on Codeplex, mate. Smiley

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.

    So, anything gonna happen with this?

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