Ch9Live at VS2010 Launch - Stephen Toub on Parallelism

Play Ch9Live at VS2010 Launch - Stephen Toub on Parallelism

The Discussion

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    Stephen's last name is pronounced "tobe", not "tube". My apologies, Stephen. Smiley

    Always great chatting with you.

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    Big Smile Thanks, Charles.  Great chatting with you, as well!

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    Very interested to hear about how Visual Studio and .NET will be supporting horizontal scaling of parallelism in the future. Grids are just so much a part of the enterprise and financial computing environment these days this stuff is super urgent. Also guys, we *really* need GPGPU support for manages code, even if it’s just an official managed layer for Direct Compute. At the moment it's really hard (borderline impossible) for managed code to compete against C++ on a GPGPU, the only thing that stops my company really embracing the latter is the economics. It's very hard to hire young developers who understand C++ these days, so we often choose a managed solution not because it's the best technically but because it makes the most sense in terms of the cost of the solution over its life time, i.e. being able to hire folks to work on it through its lifecycle. That said: it would be nice to allow managed code (with accompanying tooling) to be a first class citizen in the GPGPU world.


    Great interview as ever Charles, and Stephen - really enjoyed reading your epic parallel patterns white paper.

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