Channel 9 Live at DevConnections 2010 On Demand Links

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The Channel 9 Live at DevConnections 2010 on-demand streams are now available.

Day 1, April 12th 2010; Visual Studio 2010 Launch, is available to view on-demand at this link:

Day 2, April 13th 2010; Silverlight 4 Launch, is available to view on-demand at this link:

Schedule can be viewed here:

Thanks to everyone that watched live and sent in their tweets.

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The Discussion

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    man, y u don't just put the whole show for download (like other videos here) instead of streaming, for fans with lower connection speed !?

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    ...long story short: we'd very much like to but due to a number of factors it's difficult to do....


    What we will be doing in the next few days though is publishing some of the key sessions (like "Ask The Gu") as stand alone videos on Channel 9.


    Stay tuned

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    Eric Malamisura

    Yeah I would like a download as well, I usually Transcode the videos I download and stream them to my Xbox 360 so I can watch them on my couch on my Big Screen TV in high definition...

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    Any change you could cross link to the short extracted videos as they become availble then here? It would help give them context within the actual event.

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    i think i miss that..~ OMG

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