Channel 9 Live at MIX10 – Who, What, Why, When and How!?

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    I am planning on attending MIX10 from home and getting my first WP7 app up and ready asap!



    THINKS: It would be good to update this post with links to videos as they become available?

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    @Ian2 - Awesome. Keep us updated with your progress Smiley


    Re: updating post with published videos: great idea - we'll do that.

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    Will these be uploaded too or do I have to see them live? I have school so I can't watch it live unforunately (or else I'd be there because I live in Vegas).

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    @Beast - Yes we'll have the recordings available to watch on demand on Channel 9 as soon as possible after MIX.


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    But if the live stream is still hapening if you get hiome from school you can skip to the beginning or watch stuff they streamed that day. The full stream is accesible at any point (if they are still streeaming)

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    Hi! Thx for doing that live streaming etc. It's great to be able to see the mix as it happens : )

    Q: What exactly will be available after the mix is over ? All the sessions from the conference (as it was with previous mix content) or only some selected keynotes or a few talks with the guru's from MS ; ) ?

    Q2: I wonder if the mix09 and previous ones are still available to see ?

    Q3: Are you going to let users download the recordings to see them offline ?


    thx and have a great mix week Smiley

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    Nic, please have some Scotch ready for Jason and I on Tuesday and some clean blueberries.  Did you get our rider?  Seriously, we need perfectly cubed ice and...  a steak sandwich.





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    cool stuff!

    fyi, currently returns an IIS error but im sure it will be sorted out Smiley

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    Please please IE9, no more "my IE suddenly stopped working (offline mode)" and "I saved the file and it is not there (folder default to "random" folder)". I really don't want to keep solving user issues like this. Stupid UI makes users keeps asking why IE is not working is not fun for me at all. Crappy underlineing tab managed is one thing, but, I really really don't want to keep solving problems done by crappy UI.



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    I missed the part where it said Monday and Tuesday, but not Wednesday.  Sad

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