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    Channel 9 isn't actually covering the sessions in PDC 09? At least the Windows sessions?

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    We are. Within about 24 hours of the breakout session occuring, we will publish the media from the session over on



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    That's a nice professional looking set.

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    Will the PDC sessions be available via Channel 9 for viewing, for those of us unable to attend the PDC (just like they were for PDC '08)?

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    where to find today's Keynote?!


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    Thats nice.  looking forward to view all sessions in 24 hrs.  Great People! Great work!! Great Sessions!!!

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    Yeah, this is great.

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    Just started the Dave Campbell interview and the stream was stopped Sad

    Upon refeshing it gave me a link to on demand videos which took me to the session list, with no on demand.

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    Oh, the live session just ended and the stream on the disappeared. I was a few hours behind =(. But I totally love the live streaming so far. Great job! Awesome idea. Especially for those of who want to be part of it from back at our desks in Redmond.

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    You might want to leave the live feed up a bit longer. I had jumped back to watch the segment with Erik Meijer, and was happily enjoying it when you cut the feed around 5:30. Bam! gone!. Blushing

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    yesterday was awsome.. got a bit late for me though (2:30 am my time) but all worth it Smiley

    are you using a standard twitter client or something homebrewed?


    Another thing that would be cool would be if you 'd put the twitter questions up on the screen the camera can see as well so people dont ask the same question over and over and also see whats coming Smiley

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    The livestreaming was indeed awesome. Especially the talks with Scott Hanselman. Great job!! The smooth streaming feature is especially nice.


    Is it possible to get the sound from the Channel9 animation? Would be great as a ringotne Wink)

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    The live stream was great... live ... Already commented this in Coffeehouse but pulling the plug from all those who started watching it bit late (as you could seek back in the stream-buffer!, cool) was mean. Could've left it running till the next live cast start I'm sure.

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    Harshil Patel

    Will all the sessions be available for download at a later point or time ?

    I live outside US, and my home internet plan is not unlimited, so i have to download it during night where its unlimited. and then watch it in the day time.


    I would appreciate if you will make it available offline.


    Thanks in advanced

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