Channel 9 Live at PDC09: Scott Guthrie

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The Discussion

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    Why click starts a download instead of streaming?

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    That normally happens if you click to fast and the SL player hasn't finished loading. Try again?

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    The 'Click here for full schedule' link doesn't work.

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    Schedule link should work now


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    video not working... takes ever to load............ always buffers

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    If your connection is not fast enough to stream the wmv, then download it and watch it on your computer once it's done downloading.


    As to the video, Hess and Guthrie make an interesting combination. Thanks for putting these up, Nic.

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    Very good video.  Interesting that Scott mentions SL4 should be more appropriate for business applications.   A sign that it's matured enough to consider bringing back to the table here.    We attempted with SL2 and couldn't get what we needed out of it cleanly enough to satisfy project requirements.

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