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The Channel 9 team will be broadcasting live, unscripted and 100% interactive from the Microsoft Redmond Campus for PDC10.

Join us immediately following the keynote on Thursday, October 28th (at approx. 11AM Pacific Standard Time) and again on Friday (from 9:00AM PST) for two full days of interviews, panels, demos and discussions where YOU get to ask the questions.

We have an amazing lineup of speakers and presenters across the two days including Microsoft Server & Tools President Bob Muglia, Corporate Vice President Scott Guthrie, Technical Fellows Mark Russinovich, Anders Hejlsberg and Dave Campbell plus many more.

Channel 9 Live is completely unscripted meaning you drive the conversation by submitting questions and comments for our guests to answer and address live on the air.

There are two methods for submitting question:
1) Tweet your questions or comments including @ch9live somewhere in the body of your tweet OR
2) Submit a question into the PDC10 Session Q&A panel on the right hand side of the video player. Please also include @ch9live in the body of your question

To watch the Channel 9 Live coverage (as well as every single PDC10 session live) head to on Oct 28th and 29th.

Channel 9 Live, Day 1 Schedule - Thursday Oct 28th

(All times in Pacific Standard Time, GMT-7)

11:00AM    Welcome to PDC10 with Dan Fernandez, Charles Torre, Scott Hanselman and Jeff Sandquist
11:30AM    Windows Phone 7 Developer Q&A with Stefan Wick, Jaime Rodriguez, Mike Kruzeniski and Dan Fernandez
12:00PM    Windows Phone 7 3rd Party Launch Apps Q&A with Jaime Rodriguez, Dan Fernandez and Special Guests.
12:30PM    Ask The Gu! Live Q&A with Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman
01:00PM    Live Q&A with Anders Hejlsberg and Charles Torre (1 hour)
02:00PM    Break (Pre-Recorded Content)
02:30PM    Live Q&A with Bob Muglia and Dan Fernandez
03:00PM    Windows Phone 7 Hardware/Devices Q&A with Charlie Kindel, Albert Shum and Laura Foy
03:30PM    Windows Phone 7 Apps/Marketplace Q&A with Charlie Kindel, Drew Lytle and Laura Foy
04:00PM    Cloud Cover Live with Steve Marx and Ryan Dunn
04:30PM    Web Development Q&A with Phil Haack, Jon Galloway, James Senior and Scott Hanselman
05:00PM    This Week on Channel 9 LIVE! PDC10 Day 1 Edition
05:30PM    End of Programming

Channel 9 Live, Day 2 Schedule - Friday Oct 29th

(All times in Pacific Standard Time, GMT-7)

09:00AM    PDC10 Day 1 Recap & Day 2 Preview with Dan Fernandez, Charles Torre, Scott Hanselman and Jeff Sandquist
09:30AM    Windows Phone 7 Controls Q&A with Jeff Wilcox, Peter Torr, David Anson and Dan Fernandez
10:00AM    XNA for Windows Phone 7 Q&A with Shawn Hargreaves, Jeff Petkau and Dan Fernandez
10:30AM    Programming Q&A with Mads Torgersen, Lucian Wischik, Stephen Toub and Charles Torre
11:00AM    Live Q&A with Dave Campbell and Charles Torre
11:30AM    Programming HTML 5 with Jason Weber, Gaurav Seth, Giorgio Sardo and Dan Fernandez
12:00PM    Break (Pre-Recorded Content)
12:30PM    Engineering Research with Erik Meijer, Wolfram Schulte and Charles Torre
01:00PM    High Performance Windows Azure with Matthew Kerner, Rémi Lemarchand and Charles Torre
01:30PM    Live Q&A with Mark Russinovich and Charles Torre (1 hour)
02:30PM    Debug & Unit Testing Q&A with Mike Barnett, Peli de Halleux and Scott Hanselman
03:00PM    Coding4Fun with Clint Rutkas, Dan Fernandez, Chris Walker and Scott Hanselman
03:30PM    This Week on Channel 9 LIVE! PDC10 Day 2 Edition
04:00PM    End of Programming

Let us know if you have any questions of comments.



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