Channel 9 Live at Tech.Ed North America 2010 - Updated with Schedule!

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The Channel 9 and TechNet Edge teams will be broadcasting live, unscripted, and 100% interactive from New Orleans for Tech.Ed North America 2010.

Join us immediately following the keynotes on June 7th and June 8th for a full day of interviews, panels, demos and discussions where you control the content.

We have an amazing lineup of speakers and presenters across the two days including Microsoft Server & Tools President Bob Muglia, Microsoft CIO Tony Scott, Corporate Vice President Windows Server Bill Laing, Corporate Vice President Visual Studio Jason Zander, Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover and many more.

Channel 9 Live is 100% unscripted and so we rely on our viewers to tweet in their questions and comments in real time for our guests to address live on the air.

To be a part of the conversation send a tweet with your question or comment and include @ch9live somewhere in the body of the message so that we can find it.

To watch the Tech.Ed keynotes and Channel 9 Live coverage head to on June 7th & 8th at the following times:

(All times Central Daylight Time - as we'll be in New Orleans)

Monday June 7th 2010
9:00AM - 10:30AM: Tech.Ed Day 1 Keynote
10:30AM - 5:00PM: Channel 9 Live Day 1 Coverage

Tuesday June 8th 2010
9:45AM - 11:15AM: Tech.Ed Day 2 Business Intelligence Keynote
11:15AM - 5:00PM: Channel 9 Live Day 2 Coverage


Full Schedule (Subject to change)

Day 1: June 7th 2010
(All times Central Daylight Time)

10:30 AM: Keynote After Party. Join Charles Torre, Adam Carter and David Tesar as they answer your questions and recap the Tech.Ed Keynote.

11:00 AM: Talking Windows Server. Ward Ralston and Justin Graham with Adam Carter

11:30 AM: Cloud Cover Live! David Aiken and Ryan Dunn plus Special Guests

12:00 PM: Office & Unified Communications in 2010+. Jamie Stark and John Durant with David Tesar

12:30 PM - 1:30PM: Lunch Break - Go Grab a Sandwich

1:30 PM: Tony Scott, Microsoft's Chief Information Officer with David Tesar

2:00 PM: Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President Visual Studio with Dan Fernandez

2:30 PM: SQL Server; Beyond Relational Data. Michael Rys with Charles Torre  

3:00 PM: Ask Mark Minasi Anything.... Live! with Joey Snow

3:30 PM: Everything you've ever wanted to know about BPOS. Tom Keane, Sean O’Connor and Dan Kershaw with Adam Carter

4:00 PM: WM_IN Panel. Kate Gregory, Karen Forster, Lisa Feigenbaum and Jennifer Ritzinger discuss women in technology

4:30 PM: Client Development: Now and in the Future. Tim Huckaby, Patrick Hynds, Paul Sheriff and Richard Campbell


Day 2: June 8th 2010
(All times Central Daylight Time)

11:15 AM: Deployment in the real world. Chris Jackson, Jeremy Chapman and Rhonda Layfield with Adam Carter

12:00 PM: Developing for Windows Phone 7. Brandon Watson with Dan Fernandez

12:30 PM - 1:30PM: Lunch Break - Go Grab a Sandwich

1:30 PM: Bob Muglia, President Server & Tools with Adam Carter

2:00 PM: Bill Laing, Corporate Vice President Windows Server with Joey Snow

2:30 PM: Ask Mark Russinovich Anything.... Live! with Charles Torre

3:00 PM: Talking Security. Mark Russinovich, Andy Malone and Special Guest with David Tesar

3:30 PM: Languages Panel. Eric Lippert, Luke Hoban and Mads Torgersen with Charles Torre

4:00 PM: PowerShell. Jeffrey Snover, Don Jones and Sean Kearney with David Tesar

4:30 PM: This Week On Channel 9 (Live). Dan Fernandez and (OMG it's) Brian Keller with special guest Larry Larsen and his secret project.

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    i still didnt win my prize at mix for the twitter contest



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    @athman You didn't win or you won but nothing arrived?

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    i won and some one from channel9 askme to sendmy details so they send the prize

    andi send it andnoresponse

    i also sent an email to you Smiley


    i won when laura was hosting the contest that she pick people who tweet to channel9 and

    choose randomly people attend mix and ask them on our behalves and the one who use my twitter name



    this is the proof

    "Yeah, look at the day1 broadcast at around 4:57 and they announced who was playing for you!. @ch9live"



      @athman20 During the "Geek Olympics" segment yesterday, folks onstage were playing on behalf of some niners. Dunno what the prize is."

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    Not sure what happened there. My apologies - can you send me another email with your details and I'm make sure we get something sent out to you after Tech.Ed? Cheers

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    Tune Up

    I'm very excited to hear the keynote speakers at the Tech.Ed North American event! I think it’s smart to let the public be involved through Twitter and I’m looking forward to hearing the speakers’ views on computer performance technology.


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    I really wanted to go to this so bad because for once it was close enough for me to go (about a 3 hour drive). I tried and tried to get my company to pickup the tab but they said they couldn't see the ROI in spending the money for sending me. Guess my cost savings last year that exceed my yearly salary wasn't enough.


    I'll be watching it online like everybody else. That's better than nothing. Can't wait for next week.

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    Let's pray that the sessions will also be available for offline viewing(a)

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