Channel 9 Live at Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 Launch

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The Channel 9 team will be broadcasting live, unscripted, and 100% interactive from DevConnections 2010 in Las Vegas as part of the Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 launches.

Join us Monday April 12th, from 8AM (PST) for Bob Muglia's VS2010 Launch keynote then stay tuned for more than seven hours worth of Visual Studio 2010-themed demos, interviews and panel discussions on Channel 9 Live.

Then mark your calendars for day 2 when Scott Guthrie officially launches Silverlight 4 as part of his DevConnections keynote (from 8AM PST). Scott will then join us for a special one hour edition of "Ask the Gu" along with other Silverlight experts to answer your SL4 questions on Channel 9 Live.

To watch the keynotes and Channel 9 Live coverage head to on April 12th and 13th (Silverlight required)

To be a part of the conversation tweet your questions and comments with @ch9live anywhere in the message and we'll see it.


Day 1 Schedule
April 12th 2010 (All times in Pacific Standard Time)

8:00 AM DevConnections 2010 Day 1 Keynote.

10:00 AM Welcome to VS2010: Doug Handler and Brian Randell with Dan Fernandez.   

10:30 AM Live Q&A with Bob Muglia, President Server & Tools Division with Dan Fernandez.

11:00 AM VS2010: Native Code. Kate Gregory and Richard Campbell with Charles Torre.   

11:30 AM VS2010: Managed Code. Lisa Feigenbaum, Tim Ng and Alexandra Rusina with Charles Torre.

12:00 PM VS2010: Data. Chris Sells, Tim Laverty and Andy Conrad with Dan Fernandez.

12:30 PM VS2010: Parallelism. Stephen Toub with Charles Torre.

1:00 PM Break (60 mins). Visual Studio Documentary (Pre-recorded).

2:00 PM VS2010: WCF/Services. Juval Lowy, Michele Leroux Bustamante and Cliff Simpkins with Charles Torre.

2:30 PM VS2010: SharePoint. Paul Stubbs, Donavon Follette and Jon Flanders with Paul Yuknewicz.   

3:00 PM VS2010: The Evolution to Rich Innovative Applications – Silverlight & WPF. Rocky Lhotka, Billy Hollis and Scott Stanfield with Tim Huckaby

3:30 PM .NET Rocks Live. Richard Campbell plus Special Guests.

4:00 PM VS2010: Windows Phone 7 & the Cloud. Orville McDonald with Jonathan Carter.

4:30 PM VS2010: Application Lifecycle Management. Richard Hundhausen, Joel Semeniuk with Dan Fernandez.

5:00 PM This Week on Channel 9 (Live) Dan Fernandez plus Special Guests.


Day 2 Schedule
April 13th 2010 (All times in Pacific Standard Time).

8:00 AM DevConnections 2010 Day 2 Keynote.

9:15 AM Welcome to Silverlight 4: Tim Heuer and John Papa with Charles Torre.

9:30 AM “Ask The Gu” Scott Guthrie with Charles Torre and John Papa.

10:30 AM Welcome to Silverlight 4 (Cont.) with Tim Heuer, John Papa and Dan Fernandez

11:00 AM Silverlight 4: RIA Services and Cider. Deepesh Monhany with Tim Heuer.

11:30 AM Silverlight 4: Silverlight Media Framework. Mike Downey and Mike Moser with Dan Fernandez.

12:00 PM Silverlight 4: Line Of Business + SharePoint. Joe Stegman and Deepesh Monhany with Tim Heuer.

12:30 PM Silverlight Community Panel. Shawn Wildermuth, Dan Wahlin and Ward Bell with John Papa.

1:00 PM Break (60 mins) Pre-recorded Content.

2:00 PM Silverlight 4: Out Of Browser. Joe Stegman with John Papa.

2:30 PM Silverlight 4: Windows Phone 7. Orville McDonald with Charles Torre.

3:00 PM Silverlight 4 and Expression Blend. Wayne Smith and Arturo Toledo with John Papa.

3:30 PM Silverlight Customer Panel. Ward Bell and Dave Wolf with John Papa.

Remember that Channel 9 Live is completely unscripted. This means we need your questions and comments (via Twitter @ch9live) in order to shape the conversation.

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