Countdown to PDC10: There’s one pass left! Is your name on it?

Play Countdown to PDC10: There’s one pass left! Is your name on it?

The Discussion

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    I really need to be at PDC in person, so I can finish what I've started at MIX10, continued in blogs and on Twitter - annoy Microsoft into adding more developer countries (and Lithuania in particular) to Windows Phone Marketplace.


    I'd take a positive resolution to that instead of conference pass though Smiley

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    I love Microsoft' Developer events. And being at the Microsoft Campus is always like a religious experience.

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    What could I possibly say to this challenge.. umm....


    I've never been to a PDC, however, I've watched all the videos I can get my hands on for hard drive space I can allocate.  Besides being the most quintessential user/developer experience for me personally, and connecting with you @Ritzy and @Anyware.  I could possibly meet Scott Hanselman, The Gu, Rebecca Norlander, Soma, and maybe even a photo-op with Ray Ozzie.  It would be the best candy I could possibly be exposed too.  Too much you say?  Me, not really.  Being at the Microsoft campus would be more than an out-of-body experience, it would allow me to ask the engineers who created most of the stuff I use the questions to the answers which I cannot find online.  It is an experience that I will cherish for a long time.  Maybe one day I'll even be a blue badge Smiley

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    I'd very much like to be at PDC10 because, to a developer like myself, access to Microsoft's campus (a.k.a. Mecca) and especially the people responsible for the technologies I use every day is priceless.

    That, and I like even numbers. I was at the awesome PDC08, and I'd really like to be at PDC10. An advance pass to PDC12 would also be much appreciated Wink

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    Being at PDC in person gives a lot more opportunity for one-to-one interaction with the product teams -- something you just can't get online.  Some of the in person conversations at Ask the Experts, or at the product booths are the really valuable parts of the conference.

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    Phil Hudson

    PDC2010 – Wow! I’d sure like that! How about this… after 17 years of writing code, I’ve been laid off. So I started my own business using Silverlight with both Visual Studio and Expression tools. I’ve been getting rather excited about Window Phone 7 and it’s easy xaml code reuse of my Silverlight work. I would consider it a privilege to attend live.

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    Lilian Andretta

    I'm from Brazil. My husband and I had to decide who would go to
    PDC this year, so I decided that my husband and I will stay with our daughters.
    Now with this opportunity would love to go to the PDC with him to participate in something extraordinary.

    I love technology, and to know the temple of technology and innovation will
    be really cool.

    Yes I can. And I will win.

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    I want the ticket! Management at my company didn't have time to react to my travel request to PDC before you guys sold out! I want to be our on-site reporter for the live streaming event we are planning at our offices in Malmo Sweden! Think of it as PDC in your town... Malmo will be one of them...


    ... but I need the ticket to get in!





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    Also, upon waking up this morning, I realized that there may be a better way to say why I want to be at PDC10: a haiku!


    The Microsoft sound

    Beckons me this cool morning

    A grand day awaits

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    I can't tell you how much I want a free ticket.  I am a senior software engineer at the company who buys the most iPads in the world.  You might ask ... Why would you want to pick me?  Our development team is starting to develop more and more for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.  We are 75% .NET, WPF and Silverlight.  Why?  Because they haven't seen a Win Slate or a Windows Phone.  I have been eagerly working on a prototype using our companies technologies in my own time that will run on a Windows Phone and hopefully a windows slate by the end of this year.  My goal, is to swing the pendulum back towards Microsoft technologies ... please help me!!  Unfortunately, they like to see things in front of them, and it is hard to do without a device.  Any chance that they will have Windows Phone 7 and/or Windows Slates there for purchase?  It would really help to prove my point if I could get my hands on a real device.  Anyway, please pick me ... it would be a big blow to Apple.

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    The reason for coming to PDC? Why not?

    I'm from Italy I trust in the new WP7 era. I'm coming from the Windows Mobile world end I need to be there to meet who make that's marvellous thing.


    Redmond I'm coming (I wish)

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    I really want that Ticket. I love the Microsoft PDC conference and I think that it's a really Must Attend, even more since it's on Microsoft Campus. So I want one. PLEASE !!!!!

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    Captain JiNX

    Because Mike, I want to complain bitterly to you in person for giving me those sleepless nights back in 2008, when you guys had the Hard Hat Challenges... Wink

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    My answer is in a developers form Wink

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;

    namespace PDC2010_MyReasons
        class Reason
            public string ReasonValue { getset; }
        class Program
            #region Variables
            private static List<Reason> myReasons = new List<Reason>
                    new Reason { ReasonValue = "PDC is awesome!"},
                    new Reason { ReasonValue = "It always has been my dream."},
                    new Reason { ReasonValue = "The greatest content during the whole year."},
                    new Reason { ReasonValue = "Redmond campus with ongoing PDC - a place where every true developer should be."},
                    new Reason { ReasonValue = "Jennifer and Mike totaly ROCK!"}
            static void Main(string[] args)
                Console.WriteLine("The top 5 reasons I would love to be at PDC 2010 are:\n");

                foreach (Reason reason in myReasons)

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    I work for a small computer services company that is trying to survive in what seems like a shrinking market.  I need to figure out what direction we will go and how I can use Microsoft Technologies in a world that is being encroached upon by open source applications, and google.  I believe Microsoft will win out, now how are we going to do it, is it through focusing on the cloud, or should we be developing robust thick applicaitons for the PC our dominant market.  Will data be farmed out with small robust business logic oriented apps, and custom UI or will we all be running off of powered applications hosted on the server?  Most importantly I need to know how Microsoft Technologies incorporate with Industrial Manufacturing processes particularly dealing with the Steel Industry.  I need to be at the center of the Computer Zeitgeist to figure these things out and I also really want to check out the University of PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me.  Plus I really want to be psyched about Windows 7 Mobile so Hook Me Up .

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    I want that last ticket please! I could really use the in person training so I can get up to speed on the latest microsoft technologies. I'm a senior developer and I don't even want to say what platform we are developing on! Please pick me, I'd love to have the opportunity to attend PDC in Redmond.

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    I'd love to get a ticket to the event.  I've done the streaming at the the MIX events, but the 'in person' view just can't be beat.  Plus, PDC10 is very near my birthday! Smiley


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    Why would I like to go to PDC? Well, for starters I wasn't able to attend TechEd this year and am dying to get into Windows Phone 7 development, with the hope of getting the higher ups at my work to allow us to start mobile development.  And what better place to do this then the PDC? Not only will I get to see and learn the new tools and maybe even get some hands on with the phone as well, (wink wink, nudge nudge), I will get to do this with other people from all over the world! 

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    You need me to be there - how can you Par-Tay without me?

    I will add value to the PDC, trust me, I will also roam around like crazy between sessions.

    And: I would volunteer to wear Channel 9 "stuff" like - t-shirts all the time during the conference including the reception and the evening events!


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    I'll get straight to the point: I want the ticket. Here my story: I attended PDC for the first time in 2008, I final got work to pay for it. I so loved it. Majority of the topics was way over my head because I'm new to programming. Just being there made me want to learn more about programming in .NET and Silverlight. I got work to pay for PDC 2009 again..yeah! However, I got layoff and they won't give me the pass; darn those people..the pass was in my name! I just got me a job again; but I couldn't get my new job to pay for the tickets.


    I'm also upset PDC is moved to Redmond. It has always been in Los Angeles! I should get the ticket to keep me from making a big deal about to all my programming friends Tongue Out

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    Live audio translation, live Q&A and live streaming HD - damn! That's going to totally rock!


    I can only think of two future improvements: Kinnect presenter skeletal capture and shooting in 3D heh.

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    If you give me the free pass, I'll wear the inflatable Ch9 guy suit the whole time Smiley


    Generic Comment Image

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    As much as I want to go to PDC2010 this year, I already have plenty of opportunities to interact with Microsoft and have been on campus a number of times this year already. I feel that PDC2008 was the start of something magical for me (it was my first Microsoft Conference and it introduced me to Windows Azure). I think one of the criterion for your selection should be that this person have never attended a Microsoft Conference before. Hopefully it will be as much of a catalyst for their career growth as PDC08 was for me.

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    Channel 9, Channel 9, you're so fine you blow my mind, HEY MIKEY! , HEY JENNI ! 

    Get me to the PDC, want me a ticket, 'PLETELY FREE!, HEY MIKEY! , HEY JENNI !

    Oh please say you will,
    Please don't say you won't.
    Please give me the ticket ..
    Adam Kinney*? No way, don't!
    At the PDC?  Please
    give me a ticket, Mikey!

    "I've got no ticket", what a pity,
    Say you understand?

    Got no fast connection

    Would be great to be on hand.


    Its guys like you Mikey!

    and you too Jenni, ooh Jenni,

    Don't break my heart Jenni!

    Hey Mikey!

    So come on, and give it to me
    Anyway you can.
    (I'm talkin bout that ticket,
    it's a part of my big plan)
    So please, Jenni, please Mikey
    Don't leave me 'lone at home, Mikey!

    Oh Mikey, what a pity,
    If you don't understand?
    I implore you, use your cool,

    to put that ticket in my hand ..

    Oh Jenni, you're so pretty!

    Take me by the hand!

    P.D.C. Party! THE Party!



    (With apologies to Toni Basil)

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    Totally unfair that my employer will pay to send me to Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, but won't send me to PDC. C'mon, PDC is way more intensive and open. Besides it's much more relevant to the clients we have as 80% of them are on the .NET stack. Please pick me so I can learn the skills that will allow me to do my job better and evangelize the Microsoft stack to a level that even surpasses my own Kool-Aid drinking. Thank you.

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    If I don't get the free ticket, then I will install Fedora on my PDC09 laptop.

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    Hah, thanks for the -1 vote!

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    I really need a break from my wife and three daughters (teenage+).  PDC would be the perfect excuse to get away and recharge my inner geek.



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    I felt bad about that, but its a dog eat dog world you know ...

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     Dim strPDC2010 As String = "I would get a lot out of it, because I have never been to a paid Microsoft Event "
                strPDC2010 += "I would tweet about everything "
                strPDC2010 += "I would wear Channel 9 T-Shirts "
                strPDC2010 += "I would be eternally grateful, and be able to learn enough to create the District Tracking System. "



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    Please send me to PDC10.  I was at PDC01 for the launch of .Net, I am a MS Partner Program participant, a BizSpark Network Partner, a registered Windows Phone 7 developer, and Hanselman a personally responded to my tweets - twice.  I am actively contributing to Nerd Dinner on MVC2 and am working to move my clients to the cloud. 


    If you can commit to a free pass to PDC10 and the cloud knowledge that will come from the conference, I can commit to moving 3 customers to Azure within the next 6 months.

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    Why Do you want Me to attend PDC10? I am gonna turn everything I've learned there into a novel, awesome, unbelievable, unprecedented product that runs on Microsoft technology. It’ll change how we see software, it’ll change how we interact with computer, it’ll bring a whole new era of computing and it’ll change the world forever*. I promise! Forget about, Konrad Zuse, Clive Sinclair, John von Neumann, John W. Backus, Bjarne Stroustrup and Bill Gates – you want ME! So don't miss this this opportunity for just 1000 bugs.



    *Some conditions may apply

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    Once upon an October dreary, while I pondered software theory,

    Over many a quaint and curious volume of algorithm lore,

    While I coded, keyboard clacking, suddenly there came a tapping,

    As of some one gently rapping, port scanning at my firewall door.

    '"Tis some scipt kiddie,' I muttered, 'tapping at my firewall door -

    Only this, and nothing more.'


    Ah, distinctly I was sober, it was last year in October,

    a PDC in Los Angeles faded away in memory lost in the moor.

    Eagerly I wished the morrow; a new PDC to come - but lo! sorrow

    For the next PDC no longer hallow-ed in Los Angeles would it be scored

    Now in Redmond would the meeting be shored

    Never here for evermore.


    And the silken sad uncertain realization that was my burden

    No PDC schwag that I would ever get anymore

    So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating

    "Hard drives, laptops, tshirts -

    Windows Phone 7 and demo free sh*t -

    I will never win, and nothing more"


    Presently my soul grew stronger, I could not be silent longer,

    I must get myself to Redmond, to this autumn galore;

    But I have no sob story, and a traditional tale would bore me,

    So some nonstandard contest entry would have to be in store

    I whistled for a cab and when it came near,

    The license plate said "Fresh" and it had dice in the mirror.

    If anything I thought "Yo this cab is rare"

    But nah forget it "Yo holmes to Bel Air!"


    PDC 2010 or Bust! Pick me!



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    I have 7 reasons on why I MUST go to PDC 10. Enjoy!


    Why unt1tled must attend PDC10.



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    I do the world's best  Steve Balmer - Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers .(breathes), Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers (breathes) , Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers




     I even look like Steve.

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    +10, AWESOME!!  


    Wondering if there will be a Windows Phone 7 Guy/Gal (Silverlight/XNA) at PDC10 as well?



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    Dude, don't make me feel bad with your +10s

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    Hi! I'm a very experienced developer from Argentina, and have beed working with MS platform & dev products for many many years, and would like to attend to PDC2010!  I think it's a unique experience and being physically there cannot be compared to any video broadcasting (even in HD... Tongue Out ).

    I'm really sorry about the decision to choose a smaller place to run the PDC this year, as so many people is going to be dissapointed (me included).

    Best regards and let's hope I can attend next year!


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    If you don't let me go, I'd have to stay ...

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     I can commit to moving 3 customers to Azure within the next 6 months.

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