GO3 07 - Tetsuya Mizuguchi Interview

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Tetsuya Mizuguchi (CCO Q? Entertainment) was kind enough to give me 5 minutes of his time at GO3 for a quick video interview for Channel 10. I didn't have my hand held microphone with me so I crossed my fingers that the built in mic on my video camera would be sufficient,... it wasn't. The audio on this video is terrible and I apologise. 

Mr Hodge kindly helped me remove as much background noise as he could from the video with his "magic audio tools" but it's still very difficult to hear Mizuguchi-san at times and the babies crying in the background certainly don't help.

Nevertheless, if you can bear with the acoustic anomalies Mizuguchi-san has, as always, some really interesting things to say. Namely his thoughts on turning creative ideas into games as well as the inspiration behind N3: Ninety Nine Nights.

And a big thank you to Rod Fergusson (yes this Rod Fergusson) for being my stand in camera man. Producer of Gears of War AND camera man extraordinaire!.. what a guy!



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